Designing Your Success

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Designing Your Success by Mind Map: Designing Your Success

1. (REQUIRED) CHS 100/300: Design Toolkits for Well-Being & Success (separate MindMap)

2. The World of Work


2.1.1. (REQUIRED) CHS 200/400 (3): Professional Development CORE CONNECTION Combination of Online Modules, Skillshops, Events, & Projects to address Career Readiness Skills/Competencies; Different sections could emphasize different competencies. For example, there could be sections just for healthcare experience under Professional/Career Development. All 3 credits could be toward that, and students would select that section. Teamwork/Collaboration Communication Well-Being Skills Digital Technology Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Professional/Career Development Social/Global Awareness


2.2.1. Career Toolkit Connections Peer Mentors Storytelling Digital Digital Portfolios Microcredentials

2.2.2. Career Services Workshops/Resources

3. College Connections

3.1. CHS Toolkit

3.1.1. Digital Resources

3.2. Peer Leaders/Mentors

3.3. Storytelling Event

3.4. Freshmen Team Challenge

3.5. Student Assembly

3.6. Orientation

3.7. Student Success Hub

3.8. Translational Teams