Face-To-Face Meeting

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Face-To-Face Meeting by Mind Map: Face-To-Face Meeting

1. Target Guidelines

1.1. Content

1.1.1. Magic Million Targeting Age Geogrpahy +1 Ad Typrs Home Value Quiz Open House Newsletter Prime Listing Successful Content

1.2. Conversion

1.2.1. Chunky Middle Ad Types Open House Newsltter Prime Listing Targeting Page Likes Email List dream audience

1.3. Closing

1.3.1. Sweet Spot targeting Email Ad Types Prime Listing

1.4. Landing Pages

1.4.1. Thank You page "Schedule Online" "Call to Schedule"

2. Client Looking To BUY A Home

2.1. Listings

2.1.1. MLS - List Hub

2.2. Facebook Leads

2.2.1. Sweet Spot Chucky Middle Magic Million Open House Ad Prime Listings Ad

2.3. Email

2.3.1. Listing Email Opt-In For Pre-Defined MLS Search Terms Pre-Defined Listings

2.3.2. Open House Email

2.3.3. Newsletter Email

3. Client Looking To SELL Their Home

3.1. Listing Service

3.1.1. Seller Report List Hub - Dashboard List Hub (Pro or Pro Plus)

3.2. Facebook Leads

3.2.1. Magic Million Home Value Ad

3.3. Email

3.3.1. Referral Former Client Email Holiday Card Birthday Greetings Purchase-Anniversary

3.3.2. Seller Email Newsletter welcome