understanding community helpers

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understanding community helpers by Mind Map: understanding community helpers

1. When I grow up

1.1. how they help us

1.1.1. I want to be like daddy mommy

1.2. teacher

1.2.1. nurse police officer soldier

1.3. teaching high school

1.3.1. teaching little children

1.4. wear make up and dress up

2. what they do

2.1. Police keep us safe

2.2. Nurses help us to be healthy

2.3. dentist care for our teeth

3. Jobs in my community

3.1. help people to get to work

3.2. help people to cross the roads

3.3. teach people to read

3.4. read the news

3.5. find the bad people

3.6. give the drivers a ticket

3.7. count the pills

3.7.1. care for the babies

4. Age Group 4 year olds