Relative Advantages for Math

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Relative Advantages for Math by Mind Map: Relative Advantages for Math

1. Ready visualization of Relationships

2. Real world practice

3. multiple representations of content

4. Creation of Product

5. Creativity

6. Expands access to info/people

7. Publishing work

8. Revisions/Editing

9. Cooperative learning

10. Archiving & Assessment

11. Engagement/Hook

12. Depth of response

13. Multiple modalities

13.1. New node

14. Refinement of ideas

15. Students"Tell Stories"

16. Finding more accurate solutions

17. Student Exploration

18. Verbalization of Math

19. Attention to student thinking

20. Allows teacher to create informed instruction

21. Teacher can review student responses from interviews

22. Students get personal stake in their work

22.1. New node

23. Processing of large amounts of data

24. Makes math more fun

25. Creates supporting numerical and graphical solutions