Unit Study: Epinicion by John Paulson

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Unit Study: Epinicion by John Paulson by Mind Map: Unit Study:  Epinicion by John Paulson

1. Composition

1.1. Written and premiered in 1972 for the South St. Paul High School Band.

1.2. Epinicion is the composer’s musical depiction and reflection of the Vietnam War.

1.3. According to Paulson, he wrote the composition to evoke emotional responses from his students.

1.4. An epinicion is An ancient song of victory sung at the conclusion of a triumphant battle.

1.5. The Greeks would sing it as they walked through the battlefield sorting the wounded from the dead.

2. Musical Elements

2.1. Musicians will need to interpret the aleatoric symbols found within the music and practice each effect prior to the first rehearsal of the work.

2.2. For tone clusters, individual pitches should be assigned to each musician performing a tone cluster.

3. Stylistic Considerations

3.1. The theme is presented in a legato, recitative style.

3.2. With each presentation of the theme, volume and tension build.

3.3. Characteristic tone quality must not be sacrificed when performing the extremely loud dynamic levels found throughout the composition.

3.4. The aleatoric effects/patterns must be continuous from section to section without pause.

4. Composer

4.1. John Paulson was born on March 6, 1948, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

4.2. The difference in instrumentation for British and American bands.

4.3. In addition to teaching high school band for nine years, he also taught music history and music theory, along with jazz and electronic music.

4.4. John Paulson is the creator of SmartMusic and is founder and CEO of MakeMusic Inc., the company that develops and markets Finale and SmartMusic.

5. Form

5.1. Section I - Measure 1-23

5.2. Section II - Measure 24-29

5.3. Section III - Measure 30-39

5.4. Section IV - Measure 40