Computer Input/Output

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Computer Input/Output by Mind Map: Computer  Input/Output

1. Printer

1.1. Displays the content as a hard copy

1.2. Can be expesive and ink must be replaced

1.3. Allows students to print a hard copy of reports

2. Output

2.1. moves information out of the computer

3. Input

3.1. peripheral used to enter data into the computer

4. Monitor

4.1. Displays content digitally on screen

4.2. Can be expensive

4.3. Allows user to see content easily

5. Keyboard

5.1. Allows user to input information

5.2. Can be expensive and damaged easily

5.3. Allows students to easily type reports

6. Scanner

6.1. Allows hard copy material to be input into hard drive

6.2. Can be expensive but can be combined with printer

6.3. Allows students to capture photos or drawings for reports