The action plan of our project

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The action plan of our project by Mind Map: The action plan of our project

1. 5. Independece Day in uor countries

1.1. Meybe you have any ideas???

2. 6.Evaluation

2.1. Questionnare

2.1.1. Which free program is good for taking surveys????

3. 1. Let,s get to know eache other

3.1. foto, our realities

3.2. school picture with QR code of tfe website adress

3.3. goolemaps

3.3.1. Tripline

3.4. We show interesting places of our cuntries

4. 2. Cards with flags for our partners

4.1. We write adresse

4.2. we send cards

4.3. we,re doing puzzles with flags in

4.3.1. We can meating and playing

5. 3.Meeting online and singin song

6. 4.Quezzis, voiting, game

6.1. Kahoot

6.2. LearningApss

6.3. menti. com; Dotstroming. com

6.4. Toolsforeducators. com- cards with flags