30-Day Integrated Marketing/Sales Plays

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30-Day Integrated Marketing/Sales Plays by Mind Map: 30-Day Integrated Marketing/Sales Plays

1. What are we going to do?

2. How are we going to do it?

3. When is this going to happen?

4. Who are we trying to reach?

5. Why will they care?

5.1. We will craft specific value prop and customer proof points for each targeted persona

5.2. We will do our homework on that specific business, to personalize the value prop to each account

6. Assets Required

6.1. Contact list to target

6.2. Persona-level value props

6.3. Account and/or contact-level intelligence to personalize the outreach

6.4. Relevant use cases with quantifiable impacts

6.5. Customer proof points

6.6. Teaser videos to help visualize the solution, based on the use case

6.7. Communication templates - email, LI

6.8. Rep call guide

7. Services Needed

7.1. Landing page with embedded rep calendar to 'schedule a call'

7.2. Video production services to fine tune the teaser demos (can we templatize this?)

7.3. Account-based advertising

7.4. Retargeting pixels on anyone who visits the rep LP but does not convert (must also make sure we exclude anyone who converts on other offers, like free trial)

8. Costs Incurred

9. Measuring Success

9.1. Reach (% of targeted contacts who click through to one of the program assets)

9.2. Meeting Conversion (% of those reached who convert to a meeting)

9.3. Opportunity Conversion (% of those that did have the 1:1 meeting who progress to a qualified opportunity state)

9.4. Closed Won Rate (% of qualified opportunities that close)

9.5. Program ROI (TCV of deals that originate from the program - Total program cost)

9.6. Program Efficiency (need to think this through - but some metric to compare yield from program vs time invested designing and executing)

10. Idea Board

10.1. use a tool to add personalized video greetings into the outreach program (i.e. Vidyard)

10.2. incorporate dimensional mailers into the flow (i.e. PFL, Sendoso)

10.3. incorporate 3rd party callers into the program (i.e. Televerde)

10.4. outsource the email outreach to 3rd party (i.e. Predictable Revenue)

10.5. Impersonate customer accounts and mine the automations to help craft our stories (also to see what types of conversations are occurring)