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Unit 2-Biochemistry, MO, Ryan, J(Boogie) by Mind Map: Unit 2-Biochemistry, MO, Ryan, J(Boogie)
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Unit 2-Biochemistry, MO, Ryan, J(Boogie)

types of polymers

polymers made of monomers witch is smaller molecule



Nucleic acids


Carbs are sugars

Chemical Reactions


Simple sugars combine together to form more complex sugars, but simple sugars don't fit together, so this where this kind of chemical reactions come in place to fix this problem

Dehydration Synthesis

Another name is Condensation It is the process that join Monomers together by removing a water molecule form the reaction between the monomers pair


The process that break down polymers by adding water to the reaction between the two joined monomers(polymers)

The Element Bank

The Element Bank is the place where you can find anythin you want to know about the elements that relate to subject


the formula MAY VARY


after the condensation process between two monosaccharide water is released H2O

Carbs Tests

A tests to determine what class of carbs we have

Iodine test

is adding Iodine to carbohydrates sample the carbs colour will change to black/blue

Bendicits test

in adding boiling bendicits to carbohydrates sample

Putting the result together

Iff we have both test's results then we can classify unknown sugars Relate to the 2 pictures uploaded and make apply the result