Time Management

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Time Management by Mind Map: Time Management

1. Where does time go?

2. Developing Time Management Skills

3. Diversity and Time Management

4. Tools for Time Management

4.1. Prioritizing Job Tasks

4.1.1. The A.B.C Method of Rating Tasks

4.2. Daily To-do lists

4.3. Using Time Management Tools

4.3.1. Day Planners

4.3.2. Smart phones

4.3.3. Apps

4.3.4. Microsoft Outlooks

5. Time Management People Skills

5.1. Delegation

5.1.1. Steps to Delegate Plan the delegation Select the right person Express confidence in that person Make it clear how you'll be involved Explain how the task will benefit everyone Discuss how you plan to follow up Say thanks

5.2. Dealing with Interruptions

5.3. Dealing with Emails & IM

5.4. Dealing with phone calls

6. Procrastination

7. Crises

7.1. The S.L.L.R Method