Vision and Structures for Mama's Comfort Camp

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Vision and Structures for Mama's Comfort Camp by Mind Map: Vision and Structures for Mama's Comfort Camp

1. Happy Members

1.1. Feel safe

1.1.1. confidentiality is upheld

1.1.2. safety from judgment and unsolicited advice

1.2. Feel heard

1.2.1. understand the policies and guidelines

1.2.2. open channels with administrators den mama office hours? Clear protocols for Anonymous posts and queries

1.3. Find the support they seek

1.3.1. responses are in keeping with needs expressed.

1.3.2. members are able to offer meaningful support to others in ways that feel good people give what they have more if to those who need it most: ideally what's easy for the giver makes a big difference for the receiver, thus the value of the time/talent/skill/resource is magnified.

1.4. Understand and value the bigger vision and mission of MCC

1.4.1. Understand the organizational structure

1.4.2. Take part in civic engagement inititatives

1.4.3. Feel empowered to start initiatives based on their needs and interests.

2. Mission/Vision/Method/Impact

2.1. Vision

2.1.1. Our vision: A world in which mothers are seen, heard, and held; where moms are deeply supported physically, emotionally, and economically. We can't expect flowers to turn into fruit if we don't water the roots; supporting mothers strengthens families from the inside out and communities from the ground up.

2.2. Mission

2.2.1. Mama's Comfort Camp's Mission: To normalize the struggles of motherhood, provide peer support for mental health, facilitate the asking (and the receiving) of help, amplify the influence of parents on policy making, and improve well-being by fostering self-care and a culture of kindness.

2.3. Method:

2.3.1. Services International Online Support forums worldwide emotional 24/7 support chat forum In the future: online video support chats Local chapters Using online forums to create local ComFortitude, resilience and strength generated when community members support and comfort each other. In person events Amplifying the voice of local moms when dealing with local challenges

2.3.2. Governance Center for Transformative Action CTA governs all of MCC's organizational actions CTA Board of Directors CTA staff: (our direct supervisors are Anke Wessels, Executive director and Lisa Marsella, Operations Director.) MCC Advisory board Leadership team The Den

2.4. impact

2.4.1. Public Health reduction of PPD and anxiety reduction in maternal suicide Removal of stigma leads to an increase in access to mental health resources. Increased self care social support eases isolation social support empowers members to access local resources and serices

2.4.2. Community resilience ComFortitude members feel like they belong in their community Members have people they feel comfortable turning to for help at times of need amplification of surplus Sharing of resources, skills, time.

2.4.3. Civic engagement Amplifying the voices of parents in community policy

2.4.4. economic empowerment mothers supported to go back to school, tell their stories, pursue their dreams and ideas.

2.4.5. equity for women

3. Happy Moderators

3.1. Clarity and Ease with Community Guidelines

3.1.1. Guidelines are communicated effectively in several formats (text/graphics/video/audio)

3.1.2. spotlight mcc posting structure: topic/feeling/need

3.2. Reduce the need for moderation:

3.2.1. Add more leeway to reduce intervention practical posts travel research

3.2.2. Remove leeway in the following areas: stop commenting on posts that cause trouble Clarity around requests for edits. Suggestion: require medical posts to state that advice must be via PM, the open threads only allows for emotional support.

3.3. Moderators feel supported and cared for:

3.3.1. Team size is adaquate

3.3.2. Inclusive and flexible scheduling systems are in place:

3.3.3. Have agency for participation in the unfolding of the organization.

3.3.4. Co-create the Den environment and processes to fit their needs.

3.3.5. Understand the vision and trajectory of the organization

3.3.6. Understand their options for advancement towards leadership (see volunteer trajectory branch)

4. Den Mother volunteer trajectory

4.1. Responder Den Mothers

4.1.1. Role Responders take additional moderation training in order to qualify to take moderation action (deleting or reposting forum posts) and to communicate with the group members subject to such moderation action. Responders continue to perform their catchers duties as needed.

4.1.2. Scheduling: Will be able to choose between two kinds of scheduled shifts: Active Responder shift: act as catcher and responder during your shift, commit to scanning the feeds and take moderation action as needed. On Call Responder shift: DM is not required to be catching or present in the MCC groups or in the field. Rather the DM gets called in by catchers to address specific posts as needed.

4.1.3. Compensation Responders that take on 2 or more active responder shifts per week become eligible to apply for paid moderation positions when such positions become available.

4.2. Lead Den Mothers

4.2.1. Role: Lead Den Mothers are experienced MCC Responders who hold authority on moderation action. Are responsible for moderation quality and coverage. Cover moderation needs when no other moderators are available. Support other DMs as needed. Help train new moderators. Shape community policy decisions.

4.2.2. Scheduling: Lead DMs cover moderation needs when no other moderators are available. They coordinate between them who is available when and communicate who is the LDM on call for catchers and responders.

4.2.3. Compensation:

4.2.4. MCC Lead Den Mothers currently get paid for 5-10 hours a week. This is not enough to meet the moderation needs of MCC. One of the main goals of our fundraising efforts is to ensure moderation coverage.

4.3. Den Grandmothers

4.3.1. Role: Experienced DMs who after serving in the den for over one year choose to retire from active moderation duties but stay in the den in order to provide support for the MCC moderation team. Such support can vary according to the wishes and inclinations of the Den Grandma. Den Grandmothers hold much of the organizational memory and vision. Their continued support of our moderation efforts are a true gift to MCC and the mothers we support.

4.3.2. Scheduling: While they often take on active moderation tasks as needed, Den Grandmas are not required to sign up for any scheduled shifts.

4.3.3. Compensation: Den Grandmas are not compensated for the general support they provide to the moderation team. However, at times the leadership team may hire a Den Grandma to execute or anchor a paid project as needed to meet the goals of the organization.

4.4. Catcher Den Mothers

4.4.1. Role: Role: the entry point for mcc moderators, Catchers identify problematic posts/comments/content and import them into moderation space. Catchers participate in the moderation discussion and forward action items to responders

4.4.2. Scheduling: Are encouraged to actively participate in moderator discussions whenever they can show up for them. Catchers are asked to support mcc moderation with a minimum of 3 hours a week. In July 2018, the MCC Meta den will experiment with new scheduling structures. Catchers will be asked to sign up for catching slots on a weekly schedule. A slot = a commitment to spend at least 20 minutes (within a scheduled hour) scanning MCC groups and participating in Den and Field discussions. There will be lots of room in the scheduling format to allow for people's varying needs to co-exist.

4.4.3. Compensation: No Compensation. A catcher Den Mother is a volunteer position. Completing a threshold number of documented Catcher shifts is a prerequisite to participating in Responder Training and for other potentially compensated moderation positions.