Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship

1. Mon.- What is the internet?

1.1. How can you be safe on the internet? Collaborate a list with others


2. Tues.- Sharing Personal Info Online

2.1. Share in groups what information should or shouldn't be shared online


3. Weds.- Being a digital citizen

3.1. Write a short story about becoming a digital citizen

3.2. Super Digital Citizen

4. Thurs.- Cyberbullying

4.1. Make a list- How to be kind online!

4.2. NetSafe Episode 4: Be Kind Online (Grades K-3)

5. Fri.-When to tell an adult

5.1. NetSafe Episode 10: How to Stop Cyber-bullying (Grades 7-12)

5.2. Short answer- When do you tell an adult about internet issues and/or cyberbullying

6. Games

6.1. Internet Safety | United States | CyberWise