Problem Solving

Ideas on how to use mind maps in problem solving.

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Problem Solving by Mind Map: Problem  Solving

1. Links


1.1.1. in English

1.1.2. Blog on mind mapping and problem solving

1.2. My documents on





1.3.1. in German

1.3.2. focuses on mind mapping in math problem solving


1.4.1. in German

1.4.2. How to use mind mapping software for problem solving

2. Problem Solving and Mind Mapping

2.1. Basic concept: Use 2 mind maps at a time

2.1.1. 1. one "tool map" How to use a tool map? How to organize a tool map? by problem solving stages by grouping tools by common problem solving obstacles

2.1.2. 2. one "problem map" How to organize a problem map?

2.2. Why is this a good idea?

2.2.1. visualising thoughts is always a good idea

2.2.2. mind mapping is powerful flexible easy fun to use quick

2.2.3. the problem map structure helps to dig into the problem

2.2.4. using a problem solving strategy is of great help e.g. the IDEAL strategy

2.2.5. the tool concept is very useful in problem solving

2.2.6. tool maps help to improve your mental tool belt

2.2.7. rethinking your tool map is a self-correcting process

2.2.8. tool maps help to discuss problem solving strategy improving problem solving strategies in a social process becomes easier with tool maps

2.3. Further ideas

2.3.1. Use abbreviations for problem solving stages e.g. IDEAL (see above) for tools examples cp = central problem c = collection i = idea ...

2.3.2. use 2 main parts in your problem map one for results one for work in progress

2.3.3. Useful tool: Always (re)focus on the central problem

3. Why is problem solving so important?