Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard Entertainment by Mind Map: Blizzard Entertainment

1. Administration

1.1. oversees all people management activities

1.2. Plan and organize meetings, calls, and team events

1.3. Act as a liaison with internal departments and represent the department with internal stakeholders.

1.4. Make international & domestic travel arrangements

1.5. Manage relationships with external vendors

2. Art, Animation & Sound

2.1. Create web content for Blizzard sites, social media and communication

2.2. Creation of in game characters

2.3. Support Marketing and Communications

2.4. Audio experience during game play

2.5. In game cinematics

3. QA, Localization & CS

3.1. In game support

3.2. Trouble shooting

3.3. Maintain security and confidentiality of internal information

3.4. Customer service

3.5. Reports trends, usage rates and effectiveness of tech solutions to engineering board

4. Esports & Broadcasting

4.1. Manages Travel and hospitality

4.2. Manages Vendors and contracts

4.3. Works with teams and partners for consistent broadcasts

4.4. Tracks budget for League

4.5. Point of contact for broadcast platforms

5. Community, Marketing & Communications

5.1. Public Relations

5.2. Arrange Interviews

5.3. Keeps customers up to date with information

5.4. Advertises through social media

5.5. Coordinating events