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Cope by Mind Map: Cope

1. Scarecrow

1.1. motivation: figure out what happened to his village

1.1.1. Task: Investigate Village House 1: Finds a Journal Journal is from a village elder Journal is from the Scarecrow's Sister House 2: Finds Remains Remains are an animal Remains are one of the villagers House 3: Finds a doll Wants to find out who it belongs to

1.1.2. Assume it is not in the village Look around the area (wooded area) Finds an ivory button finds a page from a journal finds a Talisman

1.2. Ignores the Scarecrow's request for help

1.3. Option 3: [Team Suggestion?]

2. Tin Man

3. Lion

4. Fantasy

5. Realism

6. Key:

6.1. Red: Dead End/ Prevents certain choices

6.2. Yellow: Main connection to l'lesson learned'

6.3. Green: "Canon story"

6.4. Red Line: Necessary to complete canon story line

6.5. Pink: Needs to find item

6.6. Heart: character motivation for later plot

6.7. Foreshadow other plots

7. What to think about:

7.1. 1. These are plot choice mechanics, not character mechanics

7.2. 2. Scope creep

7.3. 3. How Things relate!

8. Next Crossroad outside of Village, taking the paved road out to another split