How to Make +$500 with Rental Arbitrage within 30 Days

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How to Make +$500 with Rental Arbitrage within 30 Days by Mind Map: How to Make +$500 with Rental Arbitrage within 30 Days

1. Research Your Market

1.1. Complete the Worksheet

1.2. Price Check Extended Stay Hotels

1.3. Get Your Local Airdna Report

1.4. Price Check's Top Properties

1.5. Price Check Strategic Rentals

1.6. Estimate Expenses

1.7. Calculate Potential Profit

2. Market Like Crazy

2.1. Create an Online Listing

2.1.1. Photograph stage unit

2.1.2. Sign Up for Airbnb

2.1.3. Create a compelling listing

2.2. Market Online

2.2.1. Airbnb & VRBO

2.2.2. Social Media & Facebook

2.3. Market Offline

2.3.1. Local Businesses

2.3.2. Friends & Family

2.4. Following Up

3. Get Help, Make Money

3.1. Text questions to Al Williamson at 707-901-7828

3.2. Check out the full Coaching and Training Program at

4. Overview Rental Arbitrage Business

5. Find Your First Unit

5.1. Make Personal Preparations

5.1.1. Can you handle rejection?

5.1.2. Can you make time to work on this every day?

5.1.3. Do you have enough energy to achieve this goal?

5.2. Online Travel Agencies

5.3. Find a Cooperative Landlord

5.3.1. Search Your Target Area for rentals within your price range

5.3.2. Pitch your corporate housing company to landlords/managers

5.3.3. Negotiate lease

5.4. Furnish Your Unit

5.4.1. Determine a budget

5.4.2. Select appropriate furnishings

5.4.3. Stage your unit