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space by Mind Map: space

1. Stars their is billions of stars in space even out of our galaxy there is still millions of stars stars are on fire they burn from gas they eventually run out of gas and they stop shinning then they become dwarf stars.

2. GALAXIES galaxy's in space their is a lot of galaxy's there is more one hundred billion galaxies each one with so many stars they they are uncountable.

3. Anti gravity in space there is no gravity so you float and everything that is in space even objects that weigh millions of tons still float in space.

4. Sun the sun is a huge ball of burning gas no one has ever been on the sun and they probably won't for millions of years it is because it is on fire and any rocket that lands on the sun will melt.

5. Moon there is more than just one moon there is lots of moons some planets have their own moons earth has one mars has two.