IM Checklist Volume 7 Newbie Marketer

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IM Checklist Volume 7 Newbie Marketer by Mind Map: IM Checklist Volume 7  Newbie Marketer

1. Welcome to the first checklist of the Newbie Marketer series. Before purchasing the domain please ensure everything in this checklist is covered. It’s important as you might run into branding issues or copywriting issues later.

1.1. 1 Visit and write down keywords that relate to what you would like to purchase.

1.1.1. *TIP - If this is your first domain and want to use for all around purposes such as your blog, landing pages, products and anything else you wish, pick something general. You only need one domain when starting off, or in many cases for life. It could be your name.

1.2. Domain Name Research

1.2.1. 2 Here are a few keywords that you can add to your list in that are popular marketing works which will help you find a good domain. Digital Market Research Content Affiliate Social Hacks Funnels Internet Marketing

1.2.2. 3 Check that you are not including any branded or copyrighted names in your domain choice. * TIP - Use Apply for a Trademark to search. A common mistake is people using Facebook, Youtube or Amazon, Celebrity Names or Brand Names. Avoid this.

1.2.3. 4 Search Google for your domain with and without spaces. * TIP - We’ve learned this hard way in the past a few times. Between adult sites showing up when we use LIVE in the domain and charity events, books for top authors and previous products we cannot outrank. Put the 2 minute in and do this search before moving forward.

1.2.4. 5 Search Facebook using your chosen domain name without spaces looking for information that might put you off from purchasing that domain.

1.2.5. 6 Use to see if that name is available on various social media sites. Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Pinterest

1.2.6. * TIP - Above are the most important sites when it comes to branding your business and exposure. It can be difficult to get all as there are so many Fan Pages, Twiter a/c’s etc so at times you’ll need to adjust the name. Think wisely or even use your name again.

1.3. Purchasing & Setting Up Your Domain Part 1

1.3.1. 7 Visit and enter your domain name. * NOTE - I am using NameCheap for the rest of this guide to give you a clear guide using this company to purchase your domain, Every company is different.

1.3.2. 8 Click Add To Cart

1.3.3. 9 Turn On Auto Renewal

1.3.4. 10 Click Confirm Order

1.3.5. 11 Under Create Account fill out all the details

1.3.6. 12 Click Create Account and Continue

1.3.7. 13 Fill out your address and phone number details and click continue.

1.3.8. 14 For Billing, Contact, Admin & Tech Contact Details leave unless needed to change and click continue.

1.3.9. 15 Choose your payment method and click continue.

1.3.10. 16 It might take a few hours for your order to be confirmed. Sit tight and wait 24 hours if the case.

1.3.11. 17 Inside your NameCheap dashboard click on Manage beside your domain name.

1.3.12. 18 Under Nameservers you will need to change to to the Nameservers provided by your hosting company. We’ll return to this in part of on domain setup.

1.4. Hosting Setup

1.4.1. I’ll be using Hudson Valley Host for this setup from start to finish. The company is cheap, offers good support and everything you need to get started. You can use Coupon Code: 25offfirst to receive a 25% discount on your first month. 1 Visit 2 In the top menu click Web Hosting 3 Choose Beginner or other if required and click Order Now 4 Choose I will update my nameservers on an existing domain 5 Enter your domain name (domain in the first box and prefix in the second) 6 Click Continue 7 Choose your billing cycle and click continue 8 Review your details and click Checkout 9 Complete all the details (Email, Name, Address, Password, Security Question) 10 Click Agree to Terms & Conditions 11 Click Complete Order 12 If your order is flagged for review you will need to complete a form with details and submit for approval. You will see the link by visiting the support desk. 13 Either you’ll be taking to Payment Checkout if everything is clear or you’ll need to add funds to your account if there was a waiting time for review. 14 To add funds click on Billing to the top menu and Add Funds 15 Once your account is Active you can move to the next part.

1.5. Purchasing & Setting Up Your Domain Part 2

1.5.1. 1 Login into NameCheap

1.5.2. 2 Click on Manage under your domain

1.5.3. 3 Under Nameservers choose Custom DNS.

1.5.4. 4 In the welcome email from Hudson Valley Host you would have received information on your nameservers. You’ll see and Copy this

1.5.5. 5 Paste inside NameCheap under Nameserver 1 and nameserver 2

1.5.6. 6 Click the Tick to save.

1.5.7. 7 You’ll need to wait 24 - 48 hours for the domain to update to the new nameservers.

2. Checklist 1 - Website & Domain Setup Checklist

3. Checklist 2 - Business Branding Setup Checklist

3.1. Branding your business correctly from the start is much better than consistent changes and catching up on unbranded pages and social media sites. Use this checklist to get all the information, graphics and descriptions you need in one place.

3.1.1. 1 Create a tagline that you can use on your blog, social profiles and images.

3.1.2. 2 Write a short description about your company / your goals / yourself. (Use one or all)

3.1.3. 3 Create or outsource on Fiverr a professional logo for your website/brand and ensure that all files are in editable PDF or PNG.

3.1.4. 4 For personal branding create a PNG image of you that you can overlay onto any image you wish. Stand behind a solid colour wall, take a photo and remove the background. (can be outsourced)

3.1.5. 5 Using Photoshop or Canva create all the branding images you need.

3.1.6. 6 Create a Facebook Page Cover photo size: 1200 x 675 desktop This is the best flexible size. For Mobile, Width size is 640 x 360 so do not put important details like logos on the edge. Test on your mobile after uploading.

3.1.7. 7 Create A Facebook Group Cover Photo (1640px X 859px)

3.1.8. 8 Create A Facebook Ad Template (1200px X 628px)

3.1.9. 9 Create A Facebook Fan Page Profile Image (160px X 160px) (Use a large high quality image: Exampe 1600px X 1600px)

3.1.10. 10 Create A Twitter Background (1500px X 500px)

3.1.11. 11 Create A YouTube Background (2560px X 1440px)

3.1.12. 12 Create A Google+ Background (1080px X 608px) (Your Facebook Fanpage Cover Should Work)

3.1.13. * TIP - You can use sites like to find suitable images for social media images. Overlay your logo and personal photo, add your tagline and you are done. If you would like a step by step video training guide and checklist on using Canva, see our Canva checklists.

4. Checklist 3 - WordPress Setup Checklist

4.1. Edit your information

4.1.1. 1 Inside your domain control panel (cPanel) search for WordPress. It’s possible you’ll find it under Softalocious if you don’t see WordPress.

4.1.2. 2 Click Install and choose the directory you would like to install your new WordPress blog. If this a new domain most likely you leave the directory blank so the blog will be installed on the Home Page. (

4.1.3. 3 Enter your blog title and tagline. You can easily change this later.

4.1.4. 4 Choose a username and password. Do not use admin as the username as it’s easily hacked.

4.1.5. 5 Enter your admin email address which can be used to reset your password.

4.1.6. 6 Everything else is optional. Click Install.

4.1.7. 7 Once installed you’ll be directed to your blog or a page with the login URL.

4.1.8. 8 Log into your WordPress blog and go to updates.

4.1.9. 9 Update any current plugins and themes. The trick to a hassle-free WordPress blog is a secure password and keeping your plugins and themes up to date.

4.1.10. 10 Inside your WordPress Dashboard go to Settings > Permalinks and change common settings to “Post Name”.

4.1.11. 11 To change your homepage go to Settings > Reading. Here you can choose your latest blog post or any age you wish.

4.1.12. Notes - Installing WordPress is a straightforward process. There are thousands of plugins and themes for various uses. We recommend only install the plugins that you need. Installing dozens of plugins often leads to the website slowing down or causing issues. In the upcoming checklists, we’ll cover what plugins to use for each section.

5. Checklist 4 - Email Marketing Setup Checklist

5.1. Decide on which autoresponder you wish to use in your business.

5.1.1. Tip - We recommend Aweber for those starting out as it integrates with most services and Aweber do not have any issues with affiliate marketing. If you require more automation and/or running a different type of business we recommend Active Campaign.

5.2. Create A New List With Aweber

5.2.1. 1 In your Aweber Dashboard click Manage Lists in the top right.

5.2.2. 2 Click Create A List

5.2.3. 3 Enter your company name

5.2.4. 4 Enter your company website

5.2.5. 5 Choose your address that should be stored.

5.2.6. 6 Enter the sender name (Your Name or Company Name)

5.2.7. 7 Enter the sender e-mail

5.2.8. 8 Click Next Step

5.2.9. 9 Enter your list name

5.2.10. 10 Enter your list description

5.2.11. 11 Click Next Step

5.2.12. 12 Choose language (leave default unless different than English)

5.2.13. 13 Subject Line (leave default)

5.2.14. 14 Message Preview (leave default)

5.2.15. 15 Click Approve Message & Create List

5.2.16. 16 Return to List Options and click Confirmation Message

5.2.17. 17 Turn Off Send confirmation for Aweber sign up forms (disables double opt-in via forms)

5.2.18. 18 Click Save Settings

5.2.19. 19 Click on Help in the top right menu

5.2.20. 200 Scroll down and you’ll see Live Chat. Open This.

5.2.21. 21 Tell Aweber support you would like to turn off double opt-in via API. (This is required when using API connection for lead generation so they do not get a confirmation email after signing up. In general, you don’t want this as it slows your list growth.

5.3. Create A New Form With Aweber

5.3.1. 1 Click on Sign Up Forms in the top submenu.

5.3.2. 2 Click Create Your First Sign Up Form

5.3.3. 3 Remove the box “Powered by Aweber Email Marketing”

5.3.4. 4 Click Save Your Web Form

5.3.5. 5 Click Go To Step 2

5.3.6. 6 Enter a name for your form (where you plan to place it for example)

5.3.7. 7 Enter the Thank You Page URL (where you want the subscriber to go after signing up)

5.3.8. 8 Enter Already Subscribed URL (Majority of the time this is the same as the Thank You Page URL)

5.3.9. 9 Click Save Your Form

5.3.10. 10 Click Go To Step 3

5.3.11. 11 Click I Will Install My Form

5.3.12. 12 Click RAW HTML Version (Use this an not Javascript)

5.3.13. 13 Copy and paste the code into your webpage/page builder/WordPress theme editor.

5.4. Adding A Followup Series To Aweber

5.4.1. 1 Ensure the list selected is the one you want to work with. You’ll see current list in the white box in the top menu.

5.4.2. 2 Click Messages > Legacy Follow Up Message

5.4.3. 3 Use the “Drag & Drop Email Builder. Click It once.

5.4.4. 4 Create your first welcome email (Use the Indoctrination Checklist Included)

5.4.5. 5 Once the email is created click save and exit.

5.4.6. 6 Click Send Options and Add to Follow Up Series

5.4.7. 7 For the remaining emails, repeat this process of creating the email and each time adding to Follow Up Series. You can choose the interval between emails when adding the 2nd email.

5.5. Create a new list in Active Campaign

5.5.1. 1 In your Active Campaign dashboard click on Lists in the left menu

5.5.2. 2 In the top right click Add New List

5.5.3. 3 Email Your List Name

5.5.4. 4 Enter Your Website URL

5.5.5. 5 Enter Your List Description.

5.5.6. 6 Click Create List

5.5.7. 7 Once created beside Import Contacts you’ll see an arrow. Click this and click Advanced Settings

5.5.8. 8 Enter your main email into “Send copies or campaign to, send subscriptions notifications to, send unsubscribe notifications to and click save.

5.6. Create a new form in Active Campaign

5.6.1. 1 In your Active Campaign Dashboard click Forms

5.6.2. 2 Click New Form in the top right

5.6.3. 3 Name the form (where you plan to place it for example)

5.6.4. 4 Choose inline form

5.6.5. 5 Under action leave as Subscribe to List

5.6.6. 6 Under options choose the list you created in the previous step.

5.6.7. 7 Click Create.

5.6.8. 8 Remove the header “Subscriber for email updates”.

5.6.9. 9 Remove the subheader asking for a description. (Use your page builder you’ll be able to create a better looking headline.

5.6.10. 10 Click on Options on the right

5.6.11. 11 Under Form Action > Subscribe To List, click the Settings Icon.

5.6.12. 12 Turn Opt-in Confirmation to OFF and click save.

5.6.13. 13 Click Integrate in the top right.

5.6.14. 14 Copy/Paste the Full Embed into your webpage/page builder/WordPress theme editor.

5.7. Create a new automation in Active Campaign

5.7.1. 1 In your Active Campaign Dashboard click Automations

5.7.2. 2 Click New Automation in the top right.

5.7.3. 3 Click Start From Scratch and click continue.

5.7.4. 4 Click Subscribes to a list and click continue.

5.7.5. 5 Choose the list, leave the rest default and click continue.

5.7.6. 6 Click Send Email and click Create an email.

5.7.7. 7 Enter your email name (welcome email for example)

5.7.8. 8 Choose a template or work with.

5.7.9. 9 Enter your form name, form email and subject link.

5.7.10. 10 Create your welcome email. (Use the Indoctrination Checklist Included)

5.7.11. 11 Click Next and click Finish.

5.7.12. 12 To add another email, first click + when viewing the automation.

5.7.13. 13 Click Conditions and Workflow

5.7.14. 14 Click Wait and choose “For a specified period for time.”

5.7.15. 15 Choose Wait For 1 Day (Change number of days if you wish)

5.7.16. 16 Click Save.

5.7.17. 17 To add another email click the + again and Send Email.

6. Checklist 5 - Landing Page Checklist

6.1. Setting up a landing page with Optimize Press 2

6.1.1. 1 Install and Activate Optimize Press Plugin OR Theme first.

6.1.2. 2 Click on Optimize Press and Create New Page

6.1.3. 3 You can choose a template or a blank page. We’ll choose blank page - full width.

6.1.4. 4 We’ll click use this template and enter a page name and click create.

6.1.5. 5 Click Add New Row

6.1.6. 6 Choose 1 Column and click Insert Into Page

6.1.7. 7 Click Add Element and search Headline. Click This.

6.1.8. 8 Choose the first plain headline option and enter your headline. "FREE [Report/Video/Software/Resource] Shows You How To Do [XYZ] In [Space of Time] Without The Need Of ABC].

6.1.9. 9 Click add Element again and search headline. The subheadline should backup the main headline and/or instruct the visitor what to do. The font size should be half the size of the main headline. For example. “To Access For FREE The Powerful ABC Method Click The Link Below”.

6.1.10. 10 To add the optin box, click add Element again and search optin and choose “optin box”.

6.1.11. 11 Choose another of the optin box templates you see.

6.1.12. 12 Next, if you are using API Integrations and have your autoresponder connected you can simply choose the account here and then choose the list name. If you are not using API connections you can paste the HTML Sign up Form code here. (We created this in the previous checklist.)

6.1.13. 13 Depending on your autoresponder and method here you might be asked to type the thank you page and already subscribers page URLs.

6.1.14. 14 You should have a Footer menu on your blog with links to Terms, Disclaimer, Privacy and Contact. To add this to your page go to Layout Settings. > Footer Area (Turn to On), choose the footer menu and click Update.

6.2. Setting up a landing page with Thrive Themes & Thrive Architect

6.2.1. 1 Install and Activate Thrive Architect Plugin first.

6.2.2. 2 In your WordPress dashboard click on Pages > Add New

6.2.3. 3 Enter Your Name Page and click Publish

6.2.4. 4 Once refreshed click “Launch Thrive Architect.

6.2.5. 5 Once loaded it will look like a default WordPress page.

6.2.6. 6 Click the Settings Icon in the top right.

6.2.7. 7 Click Template Setup

6.2.8. 8 Click Choose Landing Page Template

6.2.9. 9 Filter templates by tags and choose Lead Generation

6.2.10. 10 For this example, we’ll choose Template Icons - 1 Step Optin

6.2.11. 11 Click the template and click Choose Template.

6.2.12. 12 Enter the headline and images to match your offer. “FREE [Report/Video/Software/Resource] Shows You How To Do [XYZ] In [Space of Time] Without The Need Of ABC].

6.2.13. 13 To add a sub-headline choose the headline element and drag below the main headline.

6.2.14. 14 To connect the opt-in form to your autoresponder click on the form.

6.2.15. 15 In the left menu, you’ll see Form Options and below Connect Form to a service.

6.2.16. 16 If you’ve API connection setup, choose the account and list name. If you want to use HTML paste the form code you created here.

6.2.17. 17 Depending on your autoresponder and method here you might be asked to type the thank you page and already subscribed page URLs.

6.2.18. 18 To add a menu to your landing page, search menu and click add custom menu. It should place it in the footer. If not, move down to the footer and choose your footer menu if a different menu is showing.

7. Checklist 6 - Thank You Page Setup Checklist

7.1. Setting up a Thank You page with Optimize Press 2

7.1.1. 1 Ensure that the branding, fonts and colours used are the same as the optin page. You can clone the page and work from there or start with a blank page or template. For this example, we’ll start with a blank page.

7.1.2. 2 In your WordPress dashboard click on Optimize Press > Create New Page.

7.1.3. 3 Choose a blank full-width template, enter your page name and click Create Page.

7.1.4. 4 Click on Add New Row > Choose 1 Column and click Insert into Page.

7.1.5. 5 Scroll over the row and you’ll see a pencil icon. Click to view row options.

7.1.6. 6 Change the row background colour to blue for example and click update. This is so we can make the welcome headline stand out.

7.1.7. 7 Click Add Element and search Headline. Use the first plain headline an enter your Welcome Message. Example “Thank You For Signing Up”

7.1.8. 8 Change the text colour to white “#ffffff” and click update.

7.1.9. 9 Click Add New Row and insert a video or paragraph element. On your thank you page you should have a welcome video or text introducing your brand to the new subscriber along with details on how to access what they signed up for.

7.1.10. 10 Click add element and search Download. Click File Downloads.

7.1.11. 11 Choose any of the templates and click Add New. Here you can link to any promised downloads link PDF’s or access links to anything you wish.

7.1.12. 12 Choose add element and search button. Choose any of the designs. Tip: When you choose the first “Button Designer” and click the button you see, more templates will pop up that you can work from.

7.1.13. 13 Insert the text and the URL. We recommend check “Open in a new window” for all links on your Thank You Page. You can use this to link to your products, your blog or affiliate offers.

7.2. Setting up a landing page with Thrive Themes & Thrive Architect

7.2.1. 1 Click on Pages and Add New.

7.2.2. 2 Enter your Thank You Page name and click Publish.

7.2.3. 3 Click Launch Thrive Architect

7.2.4. 4 Click the settings icon and Template Setup > Choose Landing Page Template.

7.2.5. 5 Filter Templates by tags and select Confirmation, Download & Email Confirmation.

7.2.6. 6 Choose any of the templates you see, keeping in mind you can easily add or remove elements. We’ll choose the Bright Email Confirmation Page for this example.

7.2.7. 7 Edit the headline with a new thank you message. Example: Thank You For Signing Up.

7.2.8. 8 Enter or remove the sublines. To remove scroll over the element and you’ll see a delete icon in the right corner.

7.2.9. 9 Remove the bullet points below or edit the text to deliver information about your brand and what the subscriber just signed up for.

7.2.10. 10 Have a video on your download page is a great way to connect with your new subscriber. To add a video in the left menu search for video and drag onto the page where you would like it. Enter your YouTube or Vimeo video URL.

7.2.11. 11 To add Call to actions and buttons search on the left buttons. Again these can be used to promote your own products or affiliate offers.

8. Checklist 7 - Tracking Setup Checklist

8.1. Guide To Tracking Using Google Analytics

8.1.1. 1 You must have Google Analytics installed on your website first. If not done so go to and create your account.

8.1.2. 2 Setup a property in your account. Name it your website.

8.1.3. 3 Grab the Google Analytics tracking code and place on every page of your website. Depending on your theme, there could be options to easily add tracking. If not you can download this free plugin and configure easily. “Google Analyticator by SumoMe”.

8.1.4. 4 Once the tracking script is installed go to your Google Analytics Admin home page.

8.1.5. 5 In the bottom left you’ll see a settings icon, click this.

8.1.6. 6 You’ll see 3 columns with many options. Click “Goals” in the third column.

8.1.7. 7 Click New Goal.

8.1.8. 8 For this example, we’ll use “Sign Up”. Select this and click Continue.

8.1.9. 9 Change the name if you wish or leave as sign up.

8.1.10. 10 Leave type as Destination for this example and click continue.

8.1.11. 11 Under Goal Details > Destination > Equal To and enter the thank you page URL where people are taking to after they sign up.

8.1.12. 12 Click Save

8.1.13. 13 Use the Google Campaign URL Builder to create your tracking link. Follow the examples that you see here.

8.1.14. 14 Next, we create a custom report by clicking “Customization” in the left menu and “Custom Reports”.

8.1.15. 15 Click New Custom Report and enter a title. Example: Sign up Offer Name

8.1.16. 16 Enter Report Content Title: Example: New Leads.

8.1.17. 17 Under Metric Group choose the “default” Goal that you created.

8.1.18. 18 Under Dimension Drilldowns choose Campaign.

8.1.19. 19 Click Save

8.2. Guide To Tracking Using Click Magick

8.2.1. ClickMagick is a paid tracking service which I’ve used for years. It’s a lot easier all around for reports and setting up links compared to Google Analysts. If you would like to check out Click Magick please go here: 1 On your Click Magic dashboard click “Create New Link” 2 Give your link a name Example: Free Offer 3 Give the link a slug. (Tracking Link) Example: freeoffer 4 Enter the Primary URL. Link to your optin page. 5 Click Create Link 6 Once the links dashboard, on the left of the link you created you’ll see a settings icon. Click this and click Track Conversions. 7 Go to Step 2: Use the Pixel Builder to generate the pixels you need. 8 For this example, we’ll use Actions (New Lead) 9 Leave Conversion Attribution on last click for most cases. 10 Leave duplicate conversions on No 11 If using HTTPs choose Yes 12 Are you adding this pixel to a tracking link. Choose No. 13 Under Ref add New Sign Up 14 Change Action Tracking Pixel to “Javascript”. 16 Copy/Paste the code and place on your download page and place into inside <head>.

9. Checklist 8 - Social Media Setup Checklist

9.1. 1 Decide on the Social Media accounts that you would like to use. We recommend the minimum Facebook & YouTube.

9.1.1. Facebook

9.1.2. YouTube

9.1.3. Twitter

9.1.4. Instagram

9.1.5. Pinterest

9.2. 2 Using the graphics, descriptions and logos you creating using the Branding Checklist upload all required images and complete your profile with the description of your business and link back to your main website.

9.3. 3 Integrate your Social Media links on your blog. Depending on the WordPress theme you used you might find options in widgets or settings to add your social media links. If not, you can find numerous free plugins by going to Plugins and Add New inside your WordPress Dashboard.

9.4. 4 Include your social media links in your welcome email and the footer of your emails.

9.5. 5 Include your social media links on your Thank you after people sign up.

9.6. 6 Include social media links inside your paid and free reports.

10. Checklist 9 - Indoctrination Email Series Checklist

10.1. The indoctrination series, in this case, is to inform the clients about your brand, about what you can to offer then, what’s to come in future emails and most importantly to build trust with the new prospect.

10.1.1. Email #1 - The Welcome Email 1 A Clear Subject Line Welcoming or Thanking The Subscriber. 2 A personal opening introducing yourself. 3 Reminder of what they signed up for and the benefits. 4 How to connect with you. (Social Media or support links) 5 How to whitelist your email and more to primary inbox. 6 A teaser of what’s to come in the next email. 7 A friendly sign off with a link to the download they signed up for.

10.1.2. Email #2 - Providing More Value & Over Delivering 1 In the opening paragraph remind them about what they recently signed up for. 2 Next deliver value as promised in your previous email. (in the email or a report) 3 Build trust by telling them know you are around to answer any questions they have by asking them to reply. 4 Sign off letting them know you’ll have more training coming in a few days but tomorrow you’re going to share a valuable lesson. (Give hints if you wish but don't’ spell it out. Keep them curious.

10.1.3. Email #3 - Getting Personal / Storytelling 1 In this email share something about yourself or your brand. Try to build a connection with your audience stating they were once in the place they were and you succeed in whatever the goal. You could also share a case study from your own results or the results from one of your clients.

10.1.4. Email #4 - More Value With Extra Training Leading Towards An Offer 1 Send this email 2 days after the previous. 2 In this email offer massive value providing something for free. It could be a report, a checklist, a video talking about a particular topic. You can drop a link inside the report to the main paid product but main goal here is informing the subscriber about the product.

10.1.5. Email #5 - Offer Introduction 1 Reminder them about the free report or training you sent in the previous email. 2 Talk about the offer and results you or others have got from it. 3 Make the offer pricing irresistible if it’s front end offer to higher priced products. 4 Try to add some urgency by including a limited time coupon.

10.1.6. Email #6 - Offer Reminder 1 In this email we remind them about the offer. 2 Talk about the benefits and features 3 Talk about the success stories 4 Reminder about the coupon or urgency 5 Link to the offer 6 Friendly sign off

10.1.7. Email #7 - Offer Final / Hard Sell 1 In the last email tell them it’s decision time on the offer. 2 Send between 18 - 36 hours before the offer expires for maximum conversions. 3 Keep the email short and straight to the point. 4 Encourage them to take action to but if it’s not for them you’ll have more awesome content coming in the coming weeks.

11. Checklist 10 - Retargeting Setup Checklist

11.1. Retargeting Setup For Facebook Ads

11.1.1. 1 You must have a Facebook Ads Account for this part. If it’s not set up, go to and create your account. Link the Fan Page you created inside the branding checklists and continue from here.

11.1.2. 2 Click the 3 Dashes Icon in the top left which brings up the menu. Click All Tools and the bottom of this.

11.1.3. 3 Under Assets, click Audiences.

11.1.4. 4 In this example, we’ll create a tracking pixel for all our web pages. We can easily break down this audience into people who visited the thank you page or membership area afterwards by creating a new audience. The important part is having the pixel install on each page from the beginning. Click Create Audience > Custom Audience.

11.1.5. 5 Click Website Traffic

11.1.6. 6 Include ANY (leave as)

11.1.7. 7 Choose Your Pixel (if not there create one)

11.1.8. 8 Leave as All Website Traffic and change to 180 Days (the max FB allows)

11.1.9. 9 Audience Name: All Website Traffic

11.1.10. 10 Click Create Audience

11.1.11. 11 Close any other screen that appears and return to Audience.

11.1.12. 12 Checkbox the audience you created and click Actions > View Pixel

11.1.13. 13 Copy/paste the entire Facebook Pixel Code and paste in the <head> of all your webpages. *Choose option A.

11.1.14. 14 If you want to track sign-ups for example, install an event code. Choose lead and add this to your thank you. Only install event codes on specific pages where action has been taken.

11.1.15. 15 Install the Google Chrome Facebook Pixel tool to verify your pixels are correct. Facebook Pixel Helper

12. Checklist 11 - Messenger Chat Checklist

12.1. 1 Create An Account With ManyChat

12.2. 2 Connect Your Fan Page

12.3. 3 Go to settings and enter your Getting Text

12.4. 4 In bot settings under Growth Tools,> Authorize Websites, enter all your domains.

12.5. 5 In the left menu click on Growth Tools and click New Growth Tool on the right.

12.6. 6 You’ve got 4 different Overlay Widgets that you can use. Use there to offer chat support, to offer free gifts, exclusive bonuses. Anything to get the visitor to click and optin.

12.7. 7 Embeddable Widgets can also be using on your blog sidebar or thank you page.

12.8. 8 Messenger Ref URL we use with massive success inside your emails offer early bird notifications, reminders or free gifts.

12.9. 9 Facebook Comments can be used to add people to your list once they comment on a post. Very useful and powerful tool for building your messenger list.

12.10. 10 Customer Chat URL can easily be used as a support system while building your list.

12.11. 11 Under Automation in the left menu click Main Menu and edit with links to offers, your blog or support.

12.12. 12 Under Default Reply, type a message letting people know you’ll reply.

12.13. 13 Under Welcome Message add a thank message welcoming the new subscriber.

12.14. 14 Under keywords, you can deliver specific messages to those who type that keyword.

12.15. 15 Under Sequences, you can add followup messages for those who sign up different method or when tags are added.

13. Checklist 12 - Affiliate Network Setup Checklist

13.1. Create & Activate Your Accounts on the Top Affiliate Networks

13.1.1. 1 Create a JVZoo Account

13.1.2. 2 Create a Warrior Plus Account

13.1.3. 3 Create a ClickBank Account.

13.2. Getting Approved To Promote Offers on JvZoo & Warrior Plus

13.2.1. 1 Visit the JV Page and check to see if contact information is available.

13.2.2. 2 Add the product creator as a friend on Facebook if available.

13.2.3. 3 Apply for approval putting in the request box that you’ll be creating a bonus page and if you are new, say that you are happy with delayed commission.

13.2.4. 4 Message the product creator on Facebook saying you’ve applied would love to promote and if you’ve any questions to ask.

13.2.5. 5 Once you reach 50+ sales on any of these networks most product creators will approve you on instant commission.

13.2.6. 6 Visit and apply for approval to promote any of our products. If you put IM Checklist Customer in the request box, you will be approved.

13.3. The Perfect Promotion

13.3.1. 1 Find A Suitable Offer To Promote

13.3.2. 2 Get Your Affiliate Link

13.3.3. 3 Create A Squeeze Page

13.3.4. 4 Create A Bonus Page & Review Video

13.3.5. 5 Create A Welcome Email

13.3.6. 6 Create A Blog Post

13.3.7. 7 Upload The Video To Youtube Sharing Back To Your Blog or Bonus

13.3.8. 8 Share Your Squeeze Page on Social Media before launch and one the first 2 days.

13.3.9. 9 Run Facebook Ads to your squeeze page to using new interests.

13.3.10. 10 Run Facebook Ads directly to your bonus page is retargeting

13.3.11. 11 2 Hours before launch is live email everyone on your list informing them about your review and bonus.

13.3.12. 12 Once live email everyone with a link to your bonus page.

13.3.13. 13 After 8 hours email unopens with a link to your bonus page.

13.3.14. 14 The next day email everyone again with a reminder.

13.3.15. 15 When the launch is close to finished (24 - 48 hours) share your bonus page on Social Media.

13.3.16. 16 When the launch is close to finished include direct links to the offer along with links to your bonus page inside the email for those ready to purchase.

13.3.17. 17 With 6 hours left in the launch email every one final chance to grab it with your bonus.

14. Checklist 13 - Video Hosting Setup Checklist

14.1. Decide on which service you would like to host your videos. We recommend Youtube for content videos, Vimeo for paid content training videos, Facebook for Viral videos and Rev to video captions and subtitles.

14.1.1. 1 Have I created an account on Youtube and branding and links back to my website?

14.1.2. 2 Have I created an account on Vimeo for paid content and a place to backup other videos? (We use the $49/ year package)

14.1.3. 3 Have I created a Facebook Fanpage account and know how to upload videos?

14.1.4. 4 Have I created a Rev account and connected my Youtube and Vimeo accounts?

14.1.5. *Tip: We highly recommend when posting videos on Facebook to include video captions. 56% of FB uses what videos without sound. Facebook has an auto-generate feature that works but might require some editing. For professional hassle free translation, we use Rev which is $1 per minute.

15. Checklist 14 – Content Creation Setup Checklist

15.1. Our content creation checklist can be used for anything from Facebook Posts, Videos Or Live Feeds. It can be used for blog posts or Youtube video. It could even be used for creating micro reports that you could sell.

15.1.1. 1 Decide on the topic of and hook for your content ensuring this is something your audience or target audience is interested in. The headline should be keyword friendly so SEO reasons, informative and relevant. If could anything from current affairs, a case study, a lesson using a particular method or software. You can also create posts like: a. X number of ways to do XYZ [increase blog traffic/build a list/do social media] b. X steps to creating XYZ [a Shopify store/successful Youtube channel/ engangement] c. How we got X results with X method.

15.1.2. 2 Do your research on this topic. A Google search to bring up some articles, news clips, Youtube videos. Become the expert looking for the most relevant up to date content that you can get ideas from.

15.1.3. 3 Decide on the layout of your content. Will it be a video with blog post below, just video content or a text post on Facebook? Each needs to be created differently.

15.1.4. 4 Structure your content into an open hook, the actual content and lastly the call to action for your piece of content. Do you want people to comment, like or share? Do you want people to subscribe or click a link and purchase a product? Are you offering them a free gift? Every piece of content you create should be monetized for something. This is important, even if it’s comments on your FB Post or blog.

15.1.5. 5 Make the content easy to read getting the important points across with headlines and bullet points.

15.1.6. 6 Complete all tags when posting on YouTube, your blog and add tags to your Facebook posts.

15.1.7. 7 Share your content everywhere: a. Facebook Profile b. Facebook Groups where relevant c. Facebook Fan Page d. Twitter e. Google+ f. YouTube g. Email Your Subscribers h. Tag Relevant People You Mention In The Content

16. Checklist 15 - Advertising Accounts Checklist

16.1. *Tip: Before spending money on advertising it’s important everything is set up correctly from start to finish. You have a funnel in place, you’ve something to sell or you’re building an audience for something to sell in the future. It’s also vital that you tracking your results. The first part of advertising is set up your accounts and ensure your pages are compliant so your ads are approved. From there we look at some of the things you need to consider before running your ads.

16.1.1. 1 Have I created a Facebook Ads Account?

16.1.2. 2 Have I connected a payment method to my Facebook Ads Account?

16.1.3. 3 Have I created my first custom audience and place the Facebook Tracking Pixel on my website?

16.1.4. 4 Have I created a Google Adwords account?

16.1.5. 5 Have I connected a Payment method to my Google Adwords Account?

16.1.6. 6 Are all my landing pages compliant with Facebook’s Advertising Policy?

16.1.7. 7 Are all my landing pages compliant with Google’s Advertising Policy?

16.1.8. 8 Have I included Terms, Disclaimer, Privacy & Contact Links in the footer?

16.1.9. 9 Is my target audience directly interested in the offer I’m selling? (Target well)

16.1.10. 10 Does my ad text match the tone of my audience? (Copy is important here)

16.1.11. 11 Does my ad image justify the product or end goal and attract the right people to click?

16.1.12. 12 Am I tracking my daily ad spend, cost per click and cost per conversion?

16.1.13. 13 Do I have a short-term and long-term goal for my marketing plan. Example: Build a list of 5,000, sell 1000 products in the next X weeks/month, etc.

17. Checklist 16 - Marketing Plan Checklist

17.1. 1 Have I decided on my target audience? Examples: Work from home, Earn Online, Cooking, Travel, Video, Social Media, etc. Decide your niche from the start.

17.2. 2 Have I a free gift which is of value that I can offer people as a bride for subscribing to your email list?

17.3. 3 Have I my autoresponder account website, blog setup, email accounts set up and business branded looking professional and ready to present to the world?

17.4. 4 Have I something to sell and actually earn from. I could be your own offers, affiliate offers, digital products, paid newsletter subscribers, your books, consulting or training programs.

17.5. 5 Have I a followup series in place informing people about my brand, what you stand for and offers.

17.6. 6 Have I a solid marketing plan in place where I’ll email my subscribers X amount of times per week with an offer/blog post/free gift. It’s important your subscribers do not forget about you.

17.7. 7 Have I a traffic method in place so I can send visitors to my blogs, videos and landing pages? New content, new videos, new posts, paid to advertise.

17.8. 8 Have I retargeting set up so I can re-engage with visitors who left my site using paid advertising methods?

17.9. 9 Have I a content plan to release new products, training videos and blog posts on a regular basis.

17.10. 10 Am I utilizing the power of social media by interacting in relevant Groups, growing my friend's list with people interested in my business and updating my profile providing value and information that will help grow your business and brand.

18. Checklist 18 - 90 Day Guaranteed Success Plan

18.1. Day 1 - 10

18.1.1. Setup & Learning

18.2. Day 11 - 15

18.2.1. Content Creation

18.3. Day 16 - 20

18.3.1. Traffic Generation

18.4. Day 21 - 24

18.4.1. Affiliate Marketing

18.5. Day 25 - 29

18.5.1. Research Stats & Social Connection

18.6. Day 30

18.6.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.7. Day 31

18.7.1. Create A New Blog Post

18.8. Day 32

18.8.1. Run Facebook Ads

18.9. Day 33

18.9.1. Create A New Training Video

18.10. Day 34

18.10.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.11. Day 35

18.11.1. Check FB Ad Results

18.12. Day 36

18.12.1. Research Stats & Social Connection

18.13. Day 37

18.13.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.14. Day 38

18.14.1. Create A New Blog Post

18.15. Day 39

18.15.1. Run Facebook Ads

18.16. Day 40

18.16.1. Create A New Training Video

18.17. Day 41

18.17.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.18. Day 42

18.18.1. Check FB Ad Results

18.19. Day 43

18.19.1. Research Stats & Social Connection

18.20. Day 44

18.20.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.21. Day 45

18.21.1. Create A New Blog Post

18.22. Day 46

18.22.1. Run Facebook Ads

18.23. Day 47

18.23.1. Create A New Training Video

18.24. Day 48

18.24.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.25. Day 49

18.25.1. Check FB Ad Results

18.26. Day 50

18.26.1. Research Stats & Social Connection

18.27. Day 51

18.27.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.28. Day 52

18.28.1. Create A New Blog Post

18.29. Day 53

18.29.1. Run Facebook Ads

18.30. Day 54

18.30.1. Create A New Training Video

18.31. Day 55

18.31.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.32. Day 56

18.32.1. Check FB Ad Results

18.33. Day 57

18.33.1. Research Stats & Social Connection

18.34. Day 58

18.34.1. Prepare An Affiliate Promotion

18.35. Day 59

18.35.1. Create A New Blog Post

18.36. Day 60

18.36.1. Research Stats & Social Connection

18.37. Day 61

18.37.1. Research Your Product Idea (notes only)

18.38. Day 62

18.38.1. Create A Funnel For Your Product With Upsells & Downsells (notes only)

18.39. Day 63 - 70

18.39.1. Create The Front End Product

18.40. Day 71

18.40.1. Create JV Page For Your Product & Advertise

18.41. Day 72 - 75

18.41.1. Create Any Of The Upsells For Your Product

18.42. Day 76 - 85

18.42.1. Complete All Sales Pages, Membership Area, Emails

18.43. Day 86 - 89

18.43.1. Launch Your Product

18.44. Day 90

18.44.1. Plan Out Your Business For The Next 30, 60, 90 and 365 Days.

19. Checklist 17 - 31 Day Worksheet Checklist

19.1. Day 1

19.1.1. Research and purchase your domain name and set up your hosting account.

19.2. Day 2

19.2.1. Install WordPress & Create Your Email Accounts.

19.3. Day 3

19.3.1. Create an Autoresponder Account. and Affiliate Network account.

19.4. Day 4

19.4.1. Setup your Free Tracking using Google Analytics or Paid Tracking Using ClickMagick.

19.5. Day 5

19.5.1. Create the welcome gift or offer for your new subscribers (A report or video)

19.6. Day 6

19.6.1. Create your opt-in page and connect to your autoresponder account and list/campaign.

19.7. Day 7

19.7.1. Create your thank you page, delivering what’s promised.

19.8. Day 8

19.8.1. Create all your Social Media graphics and descriptions.

19.9. Day 9

19.9.1. Setup your Facebook Retargeting Pixel.

19.10. Day 10

19.10.1. Set up your Many Chat account and add your followup messages.

19.11. Day 11

19.11.1. Create Your Indoctrination Email Series Email 1 - 3

19.12. Day 12

19.12.1. Create Your First Blog Post & Share on Your Social Media Sites.

19.13. Day 13

19.13.1. Create A YouTube video talking about a method/your business/a review and share.

19.14. Day 14

19.14.1. Monetize Your Blog With Banners and Popup Optin Form.

19.15. Day 15

19.15.1. Create a Facebook Post on your Fan Page encouraging people to comment for a free gift. Comment this to your Many Chat account to build your messenger list.

19.16. Day 16

19.16.1. Run a Facebook Ad to your Fan Page Post on a budget of $8 per day targetting 100,000 - 500,000 people in your niche. Optimize for engagement and leave for 48 hours at least.

19.17. Day 17

19.17.1. Create an Informative training video related to your choose niche. Plan and research the content and script. The video should be 6 - 15 minutes long. The idea is not to sell, to get leads or even comments. The idea is to inform people about your brand. In many cases, the brand will be you. Once recorded post on your Facebook Profile, Fan Page and continue t share the Fan page video anywhere else you can.

19.18. Day 18

19.18.1. Run a Facebook Ad to your Fan Page Video Post on a budget of $5 per day targetting 100,000 - 500,000 people in your niche. Optimize this ad for Video Views.

19.19. Day 19

19.19.1. Check Facebook Ads results for you “comments post”. Your goal is to be getting subscribers for less than $2 each. If double this, turn off the ad and adjust the copy/image and target audience.

19.20. Day 20

19.20.1. Check Facebook Ads results for you “Video Views post”. Your goal is to be getting views between $0.01 (or lower) and $0.15. Depending on the niche, target audience and engagement this can vary. If little engagement and cost per view is too high, adjust the audience, ad copy or video.

19.21. Day 21

19.21.1. Go to (if in the IM Niche) or (if in a niche outside on IM). Find relevant offers to promote over the next 2 weeks. Try finding 4 - 6 products that match and add them to your Google Calendar. Include the content name and link to the JV page. Follow the checklist no. 12 in this volume to get approved.

19.22. Day 22

19.22.1. Plan your first full-blown affiliate promotion. Follow the Perfect Promotion notes in checklist no. 12 in this volume. Create the page, the video the bonuses.

19.23. Day 23

19.23.1. Send traffic to your affiliate funnel using your Facebook Profile, Fan Page, YouTube Channel and any other Social Network. Also, use ManyChat and message all your subscribers and any subscribers you might have on your Autoresponder list.

19.24. Day 24

19.24.1. Using the content creation checklist create 3 - 5 quality blog posts and share on Facebook and other social networks. Create one every two days for the rest of this exercise.

19.25. Day 25

19.25.1. Plan out your next affiliate promotion repeating the same steps. It could be a few days away or happening today, depending on your schedule. Either way, you can prepare.

19.26. Day 26

19.26.1. Using Facebook Ads promote your 3 best blog posts for 48 hours tracking the results from each. If all perform well, continue to run all. If not the case turn off the least performing ad.

19.27. Day 27

19.27.1. Retarget everyone who visited your blog, everyone who engage with a post, everyone who watched 25% of your video and everyone in your many chat list. Create an ad leading to an affiliate promotion with a squeeze page or your own funnel/offer. Again use Website Traffic ad type.

19.28. Day 28

19.28.1. Check the open rates and click-through rates for all your emails. Your broadcasts, your following emails and ManyChat messages. Check all links are working correctly. Check your affiliates stats or product sales stats. Check your squeeze page conversion stats. Look for things which are working and what is not working. Become familiar with the stats.

19.29. Day 29

19.29.1. Spend time making new friends on Facebook and get in habit of spending 1 hour per week growing your social influence. Connect with peers within your circle, help people our on Social Media, offer value where you can.

19.30. Day 30

19.30.1. Run a survey for your subscribers and followers asking them what type of content they would like and one what topics. This is great to build trust and also gives you ideas on the content topics that your followers are actually interested in.

19.31. Day 31

19.31.1. Create a traffic strategy plan that you are always creating content, building your list and selling either affiliate offers or your own offers. Example: I will create 2 blog posts per week and runs ads to these. I will create one video per week and run ads for this. I will have an evergreen $10 per day campaign retargeting people who have engaged to my squeeze page so my list continued to join. I will mail one or two paid offers to my list. I will run one campaign per week or per month using ManyChat and continue building my list here. Rinse and repeat, week in, week out.