CTO Project Map 2H18

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CTO Project Map 2H18 by Mind Map: CTO Project Map 2H18

1. IT Engineering

1.1. Firewall Focus (People, Process, Tools & Documentation)

1.2. Virtualization Focus (People, Process, Tools & Documentation)

1.3. Active Directory Focus (People, Process, Tools & Documentation)

2. Software Development

2.1. Customer Portal

2.1.1. Pleasant Ticket Creation from WebSite

2.1.2. Mobile Ticket Creation

2.1.3. Voice Ticket Creation via A.I.

2.2. Business Intelligence

2.2.1. Financial Reporting: Cost of Service

2.2.2. Sales Funnel Reporting

2.2.3. Project Cost Analysis

2.2.4. Labor Cost Analysis

2.2.5. Ticket Cost Analysis

3. Hardware

3.1. Scaleable Firewall (Meraki)

3.2. On Premise Server Appliance

4. Tools & Packages

4.1. Replacement of LogMeIn for Remote Hardware Management

4.2. Replacement of Autotask with Mobile First Solution

4.3. Documentation Tool (Devices, Licenses, Equipment Locations, Serials)

4.4. Asset Tracking (Devices, Licenses, Equipment Locations, Serials)