The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

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The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Commerce- Buying things or selling things online.

1.1. Buying books for college or school books online for your own personal use.

1.2. Buying things online that you dont need but you do it anyway.

2. Digital Communication- Talking or sharing of information

2.1. Someone that needs to do something for class and turn it in online to their teacher

2.2. Somebody that just goes on to talk to people and doesn't even do thing.

3. Digital Access- Electronic participation in public.

3.1. Accessing technology at school to get a project done or to communicate with someone you need to like a teacher.

3.2. While in school you go on the computer or something and talk to your friends instead of doing something your supposed to do.

4. Digital Etiquette- The things you expected to do with technology.

4.1. You use it right and follow the rules you were given by your teacher.

4.2. You do something wrongly and you get the computer taken away from you.

5. digital law

5.1. an appropriate use is when someone uses the internet to download a game or music thats free.

5.2. An inappropriate use is someone that uses the interent to download games or music thats not for free.

5.3. digital law means legal rights and restiction

6. Digal Rights and Responsibilites

6.1. Digital rights and responsibilites are privileges and freedoms that extended to all digital technology users.

6.2. someone that uses the web for a class project is an appropiate use.

6.3. someone that bullies someone over the internet is a inappropriate use.

7. Digital Health and Wellness

7.1. Digital health and wellness are elements of physical and psyical well being related to the digital technology.

7.2. An appropriate use is when a nurse goes on the computer to find whats wrong with someone's health.

7.3. An inappropitate use is if a sudent goes on the interent so they find a way to inject a needle into themself.

8. Digital Security- the precautions used to stop viruses and other bad things from getting to your computer.

8.1. A digital security is a precautions that all people that use technology must take to guarantee their personal safty.

8.2. A appropiate use is when a sudent is aware of the dangers anyone on the internet.

8.3. An inappropiate use is when your on facebook and you fail to show any identity.

9. Digital Literacy

9.1. Digital Literacy is a capability to use digital technology and when you know when and how to use it.

9.2. An appropiate use is when someone that uses the compurter learns the rules before coming involved techmology.

9.3. An inppropriate use is when someone can not access from the classroom.