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LINE by Mind Map: LINE


1.1. sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces

1.2. the edge of a timber in timber framing

1.3. the junction between two planes of plaster

1.4. any intersection of divergent architectural details.

2. Calligraphic lines

2.1. Line refers to line having the flowing and expressive the quality of calligraphic

3. Cross Hatching

3.1. Artis use many thin,closely spaced ,parallel lines called hatching

3.2. Hatching lines that are crossd which make a more sold shadow are called cross hatching

3.3. the drawing of two layers of hatching at right-angles to create a mesh-like pattern.

3.4. an extension of hatching

4. Gestural lines

4.1. drawn freely, quickly, and seemingly without inhibition in order to capture the intrinsic spirit and animation seen in the subject

4.2. Gestural lines can imply the past, present, and future motion of the subject.

4.3. drawing is an expressive movement.

5. Implied line

5.1. A line that dims, fades, stops, and or disappears

5.2. visually completed by the observer as the line reappear

6. Measure

6.1. refers to the length and width of line---its measurable properties

6.2. A line may be of any length and breadth.

7. Type

7.1. If the line continues in only one direction, it is straight

7.2. if changes of direction gradually occur, it is curved

7.3. if those changes are sudden

8. Cross-Contour

8.1. A line that moves across a shape or object to define the surface undulations between the outermost edges.

9. Contour

9.1. In art, the line that declines the outermost limits of an object or a drawn or painted shape.

10. Lines drawn with graceful curves that seem to flow effortlessly, swelling and suggesting movement, are known as calligraphic lines.