Luke Roberts

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Luke Roberts by Mind Map: Luke Roberts

1. Past

1.1. Born February 9th 2003.

1.1.1. This was the same day as my Dads uncle.

1.2. Lived in a small house in West Vancouver

1.2.1. Later moved to a bigger house because that house was too small for a family of 5.

1.3. Always wanted to play sports in my backyard with my family.

2. Present

2.1. I play and have played a lot of sports for example: Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Baseball and golf.

2.1.1. I have quit all those sports except for hockey, Basketball and rugby.

2.2. I am a very funny person with a great attitude and a very determined personality.

2.3. I am starting a new journey by moving to a new school to join the hockey academy.

2.3.1. I use to go to West Vancouver Secondary School, I am moving to Burnaby Central.

2.4. I am a good student who works hard at every subject.

2.4.1. Both grade 8 and 9 I have gotten on the honour roll.

3. Future

3.1. I hope to get into a good college/university and play NCAA Division 1 hockey.

3.1.1. The school I hope to be at is Boston University

3.2. After College/University i hope to be playing professional Hockey.

3.3. If my hockey career doesn't work out I hope to have a career in business for instance a financial Manager.

3.4. I hope to travel around the world when I am young but end up buying a place in West Vancouver where I was born and raised.

3.4.1. A dream place to go to is Brazil or Australia.