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ICT by Mind Map: ICT

1. Is a set of technological tools that is used to communicate and to create and to deciminate and to store and to manage information.

2. Technology- is the application you used to communicate and when you communicate you can get information.

3. Communication- is the connection that you have to the person you are talking to

4. Information- is a knowledge that you get from others.

5. Internet in the Philippines- has been steadily catching up with other country.The year where the Philippines first used the internet is on March 29, 1994 by the first internet provider that is named as (PhNet) known as Philippine Network Foundation. And on 2016 44,000,000 people in the Philippines who used internet. And around 43.5% of population in the Philippines is using internet.

6. On Aug 1986 BBs(Bulletin Board System) was made.

7. On 1989 The internet provider EMC made the UCCP or the Unics to Unics Copy Protocol

8. On Dec. 1990 was made it is the development of BBs. And also on 1990 the world wide web was made bye Tim Berners - Lee.

9. On 1991 - 1993 email gateway, X.25 and WAN (Wireless Area Network) (for ngo only) was made by Roberto Bersolas.

10. On June 1993- July the PhilNet Project was made with the partner of DOST.

11. On March 29, 1994 at 1:15am internet is used in Philippines by PLDT which is made by Benjie Tan and by the partnership of SPRINT in California.

12. And on 1997 around 85,000 people in the Philippines was using the internet.

13. On 2012 Smart LTE (42 mbps) was made and on September 2012 Cybercrime Prevention Act was made.

14. And on 2016 Around 44 million people which is 43.5% of population in the Philippines is using internet.

15. Web 2.0( Where people can interact, collaborate and connect)- Collections of applications and technologies that allows people to find information and communicate with one another online.

16. Web 3.0( Semantic Web)(A.I)- The Next Fundamental change in technology where machine is talking to machine.

17. Convergent Technology- New technologies that takes over past technologies but perform the same task but in advance manner.

18. Podcasting- mp3 files

19. Blogging- Journal(Form of text)

20. Social Networking

21. Online Safety- Knowledge of personal safety and security online.

22. Netiquette- a network etiquette the do's and dont's online.

23. Online Ethics- Standard behaviors, moral principle that defines good for individuals.

24. 10 online safety tips -1.know the scams 2.Think before you click 3.Safety peruse 4.Shop safely 5.kick-butt passwords 6.Protect your personal info 7.Watch Wi-Fi connectivity 8.Install Firewall 9.Keep up to date 10.Use your noggin.

25. 10 Rules of Netiquette- 1.The golden rule 2.No flaming 3.Don't type in all caps 4.Don't spam 5.Don't talk with people you don't know 6.Obey copyright laws 7.Use proper grammar and spellings 8.Be honest/be yourself 9.Follow the T.O.S 10.Shop secure sites

26. 4 commandments for using a computer- 1.Do not harm other people using computer 2.Do not access private files 3.You shall not steal 4.Do not use it to bare false witness.

27. Search Engines- is a software system designed to search in the internet for information.

28. Types of search engines- 1. Crawler- based r-search engine 2.Directories 3.Hybrid search engines 4.Meta search engines