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ICT by Mind Map: ICT

1. Technology

1.1. Application

1.1.1. Knowledge Specific Use

2. Communication

2.1. Exchange

2.1.1. Information

3. Information

3.1. Knowledge

3.1.1. Content

4. Diverse Set Of Technological tools and resources that is used to communicate and to create to disseminate store and manage information.

5. World Wide Web

5.1. Tim Berners-Lee (1990)

5.2. Web 2.0

5.2.1. Collections of applications and techniques that allows people to find information and communicate with one another online

5.2.2. There was a development in Interaction/ Interactivity, Collaboration and Connectivity.

5.2.3. Podcasting, Blogging Social Networking

5.3. Web 3.0

5.3.1. The next fundamental change in technology ; machine talking to machine.

5.3.2. Convergent Technology New Technologies that take over past Technologies, but performs the same task But in an advanced manner Cellphone, Computer

5.3.3. Read and analyze your work

5.3.4. The rise of Artificial Intelligence

6. Internet

6.1. a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

6.1.1. Cyber Citizent Users of internet

6.1.2. Online Safety Knowledge Of Personal safety and Security Online.

6.1.3. Netiquette A network Etiquette. The do's and don'ts online.

6.1.4. Online Ethics Standard Behavior; Moral principle that defines good for individuals.