George W Bush

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George W Bush by Mind Map: George W Bush

1. George Bush made many decisions based on his faith or on his instinct on how he felt about a situation. He would make decisions based on faith without always knowing all the facts of the situation.

2. The evangelical community thought that Bush was like a Messiah or a messenger from God.

3. Many people questioned his faith based decision making. They also saw a great weakness in him when it comes to organization and business.

4. Bush got saved after a few days talk with Billy Graham. It saved his marriage but he still lacked the real world skills to be successful in his career. He was on a board for 3 years, it didn't work out, he then ran for Texas governer and all of a sudden he was the president shortly after.

5. George Bush was a very confident man and it allowed him to make a really good campaign.

6. Bush's ability to make bold moves was due to his unwavering faith in God and his ability to trust his instincts.