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Pain by Mind Map: Pain

1. Adjectives+pain

1.1. constant pain

1.2. sharp, acute pain

1.3. intense

1.4. severe, terrible, awful, extreme, great

1.5. unbearable

1.6. little, slight

2. Verbs + pain

2.1. to experience pain

2.1.1. to feel; to suffer (from); to be in; to be racked with; to have; to go through

2.2. to cause pain

2.2.1. to cause; to inflict; to give sb; to increase pain

2.3. to ease pain

2.3.1. to alleviate; to do smth for; to kill; to stop; to relieve; to soothe

3. pain + noun

3.1. pain control

3.2. pain relief

3.3. pain killer

3.4. pain threshold

3.4.1. a threshold for/of pain i have a very low threshold for pain

4. Pain phrases

4.1. aches and pains