Teacher centered vs Student centered

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Teacher centered vs Student centered by Mind Map: Teacher centered vs Student centered

1. Student Centered

1.1. * Student led assignments

1.2. minimal teacher talk

1.3. authentic assignments

1.4. student discussions with each other

1.5. meaningful problem-solving

1.6. variation of assessment

1.7. use of technology

1.8. engaged students

1.9. high level of excitement for learning

1.10. students know what they're learning and why

1.11. students do the bulk of the work and talking

1.12. real-world positive outcome

2. Teacher centered

2.1. teacher dominate talk

2.2. the same assessment for everyone

2.3. lack of student discussion

2.4. no connection for students

2.5. unsure why they are learning this

2.6. not much self reflection