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Volaire Post Purchase SMS by Mind Map: Volaire Post Purchase SMS

1. PRESHIP - Congrats and track your order!

1.1. Your shipment is about to arrive! Here's how to use Volaire!

1.1.1. Did you wash your hair today? Yes How did it go? No Everyone needs a day off from shampoo. With Volaire you can take several days between washes!

2. Part 2 Series

2.1. How's your hair looking?

2.1.1. Super awesome We're so excited to hear that! Is there anything that would make your experience even better? I wish I got more/less of a specific product I wish I had some styling tools or help Nope so far so good!

2.1.2. I'm not sure yet What might help? More/less of a specific product I wish I had some styling tools or help I'm not sure if it's working

2.1.3. I'm pretty disappointed Wow we're sorry to hear that! Can you tell us more about what's disappointing you? You can also see how some of our loyal subscribers achieve volume across a variety of different hairstyles here Or you can configure your subscription to get JUST the products you love here

3. Part 3 Series

3.1. Did you wash your hair today?

3.1.1. Yes Don't feel locked into just one look. Adding texture to your hair means you can do a LOT more with your hair - texture allows your hair to hold new styles. Try something new you've always wanted to do with your hair!

3.1.2. No