Absolute Monarchs

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Absolute Monarchs by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs

1. king has all power

1.1. given to them by God

1.2. Divine Right

2. Boyar

2.1. a landowning Russian noble

3. Centralization of power

3.1. one place/authority holds all power

4. Constitutional monarch

4.1. the government has a constitution that limits the monarch's powers

5. Huguenots

5.1. French Protestants

6. Heresy

6.1. Religious beliefs opposing those officially taught by the church

7. Balance of Powers

7.1. maintaining a distribution of military + economic power among European nations

7.2. prevents countries from dominating the region

8. Prussia

8.1. Most powerful German state

8.2. eventually led Unification movement

9. Henry IV

9.1. as Huguenots Prince, inherits throne

9.1.1. 1589

9.2. converts to Catholicism after four years of fighting it in order to end conflict

10. Louis XIV

10.1. Became king after Cardinal Richelieu died

10.1.1. 1643

10.2. Strongest ruler of France

11. Cardinal Richelieu

11.1. Appointed by Louis (see below) as Chief Minister to take care of royal duties because the king was too young to rule at the time

11.2. spent 18 years trying to strengthen central government