Genesis Explainer

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Genesis Explainer by Mind Map: Genesis Explainer

1. 5 Reasons

1.1. break procrastination

1.2. basic marketing materials

1.3. rehearse scripts and gain muscle memory

1.4. practice making calls to landlords and clients

1.5. pick focus area

1.6. get strategy and learn business

1.7. Correctly research your market

1.8. Learn to use websites and apps

1.9. Learn how to tell compelling stories that help your raise funds and persuade influencers

1.10. Master your language and learn the details so you will emit confidence and be successful

2. Script what's the elevator pitch

2.1. Overview of Genesis Workshop

2.1.1. who is it for Those in the A4L Nation and MindMappers

2.1.2. what 3-day bootcamp where you focus on creating your arbitrage business and secure your first arbitrage within 30 days.

2.1.3. when Aug 27, 28, and 29

2.1.4. how it works Dedicate ourselves for three days and focus on the 9 steps to launch an arbitrage business. Then work the post-genesis sequence to secure a rental and find tenants.

2.1.5. where: Sacramento, CA

2.2. introduce problem

2.2.1. So many things to learn, can't make the time to get it done

2.2.2. Not a natural salesperson. Shy by nature

2.2.3. Don't want to make mistakes researching market and get into something that doesn't pencil out

2.3. solution

2.3.1. Swanee learn of to calculate target rates in your market. How to do the math How to use the various websites to research your market How to use tips and tricks to speed up your dialy routies as an arbitager

2.3.2. Spend 3 days with Al. This is the done-with-me option Help making marketing call so you get immediate feedback all beginner marking materials and strategy ironed out so you can have confidence find your competitive advantage

2.3.3. Keong Genesis course outlines everything you need to know to launch your first rental arbirage unit step by step it's like a blueprint that you can follow to follow the footsteps of proven success. The course is like a bootcamp where you will learn to master your language needed to be successful in this business. At the end of the training you will gain tremendous amount of confidence in yourself on taking to landlords/clients and marketing your business You get Al's undivided attention and encouragement to help you launch your arbitrage business

2.4. call to action

2.4.1. Email Al to reserve you spot

2.5. trust signals

2.5.1. swanee video