Ethical Hacking

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Ethical Hacking by Mind Map: Ethical Hacking

1. Hacking performed by a company or individual to help identify potential threats on a computer or network.

2. Ethical Hacking Terminologies

3. a. Threat b. Exploit c. Vulnerability d. Target of Evaluation (toe) e. Attack f. Remote

4. System Hacking Cycle

5. 1.Reconnaissance 2.Clearing Tracks 3.Maintaining Access 4.Gaining Access 5.Scanning

6. Type of Hackers: 1.Script Kiddies 2.White Hat 3.Black Hat 4.Grey Hat 5.Suicide Hackers

7. Crackers vs Hackers

8. while hackers build things, crackers break things. Cracker is the name given to hackers who break into computers for criminal gain; whereas, hackers can also be internet security experts hired to find vulnerabilities in systems.