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Intro Mind Map by Mind Map: Intro Mind Map
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Intro Mind Map

Group 14!!

Foursquare had a better marketing strategy. They added incentives to check-in, whereas Facebook Places simply added the feature to make the Facebook user's status more 'interesting'.

Group 5

The Foursquare app is more specialized

Group 6

Group 7

Facebook is a social network, and with that all your friends can see where you are making it creepy, where as four square is GPS oriented from the start and they promoted it as the GPS tracker.

Group 3


What should Facebook do?

Group 10

4sq allows ownership and rewards for common use. Facebook requires manual tracking.

Facebook posts for "places" are less noticeable to frequent users because facebook is inundated with all sorts of other posts,

Group 9

ability to be attached to FB, and twitter (multiplatform) - information is concentrated (not unwanted newsfeed on FB)

more specialized in interest (conscious decision) vs. facebook (accidental, multipurpose, privacy issue)

Incentive to check-in (special offers/reward)

achievement, incentive to check in and keep going

Group 2

Group 8

People use Foursquare for the sole purpose of checking-in, while people on Facebook mostly to talk to their friends

Group 4

Group 16

FourSquare gave more incentives for using their products by rewarding users (Discounts)

FourSquare is less limiting than Facebook as it allows non Smartphone users to use their service

Less intrusive than Facebook

FourSquare is more interactive with its users

FourSquare offers informative video about how to use the service. Facebook's Places just appeared.

Group 17

- there is already so much going on on Facebook/ so many other things to do other than "check in"

Group 18

Innovative first mover advantage

Group 15

Foursquare is much more established

Foursquare connects with businesses to give rewards to people who have checked in the most at that location

Foursquare has a more focussed objective

Foursquare connects strangers whereas facebook is between friends

They should include other features like popular places in your surrounding area, and information/ ratings about businesses from Places users.

Group 13

Facebook check-in is more additional app than a featured app

Could create promotional deals with businesses-if users check in they can have access to deals, coupons etc from that company

Group 20

Foursquare has an award system/achievements, more functions more privacy

Facebook should have an award system of some type, should connect to gmaps to get your precise location instead of general street

Group 12

Foursquare's popularity

Increasing Facebook's Check-in popularity

Group 11

Clean and simple, one objective, Twitter-llike function; much easier functions compared to Facebook

They've started to with the introduction to the status bar-the option to check in may make it more popular

promotions can be added as a function while checking in to different facilities. i.e. YELP

Foursquare had better marketing strategy - personal targeting

Checked-in places are slightly more detailed than on FB.

Updates near instant, no clutter.

Group 19 - Where is Martina?

Greater network efforts

Deals upon check-in



Merchants are not proactive about promoting FB places

Question: What has Foursquare done to make itself popular? What do you suggest Facebook should do to make Places popular? Should they do anything?

Group1 :)

Foursquare can be connected to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc, but Facebook Places can not be connected to any other websites beside Facebook.

Foursquare offers "badges" that gives incentives for users to log in, go to different places

Many people are concerned of privacy on Facebook if they give location information to them.

China didn't block Foursquare :D

Facebook could have made some games that take advantage of user's location

Facebook could give more incentive for users, such as coupons, or let users know what's going on around where they are: eg - what to do!

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