Human Resources

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Human Resources by Mind Map: Human Resources

1. Training Specialist

1.1. Train employees

1.2. Assure that employees understand their job requirements

1.3. Plan activities

1.4. Organize training sessions

1.5. Direct training activities

1.6. Schedule training activities

1.7. Know job responsibilities

2. EEO Representatives

2.1. Protect employees rights

2.2. Monitor relations between employees and managers

2.3. Investigate and resolve EEO grievences

2.4. Examine organizational practices

2.5. Compile and submit EEO reports

2.6. Identify and EEO violations

2.7. Work with employees to assure all needs are met

3. Recruiters

3.1. Maintain contact with the community

3.2. Publicize openings

3.3. Know job descriptions

3.4. Search for qualified applicants

3.5. Meet with qualified individuals

3.6. Determine if applicants are qualified

3.7. Post job openings

4. Job Analysists

4.1. Work with managers to learn job descriptions

4.2. Know levels of responsibility for each job title

4.3. Determine if candidates are qualified to handle the responsibilities

4.4. Prepare job descriptions

4.5. Collect data and information on each job

4.6. Relay job descriptions to Recruiters for recruiting

4.7. Work with managers to identify if any job responsibilities are subject to change