Copy of GAN Integrity Sourcing & Call Strategy


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Copy of GAN Integrity Sourcing & Call Strategy by Mind Map: Copy of GAN Integrity Sourcing & Call Strategy

1. THE OFFER & CLOSE: Each call has its goal to drive the prospect to take action. The 'Offer' is the action we want the prospect to take.

1.1. The Offer

1.1.1. <Discovery Call> 1. Based on this conversation, it sounds like you might be interested in learning more about <RESTATE THE NEED DISCOVERED> 2. I can show you how GAN Integrity can help with that. It will take a quick 20 or 30 minutes on a call. How is <DAY / TIME > for you?

1.2. The Close

1.2.1. <Discovery Call> 3. Great. Can I get your email address? Here's what will happen next. I will send over a calendar invite from me. Please click 'accept' on that so it will show up on your calendar. 4. And if for any reason you can't make it at this time, please just let me know. Rescheduling is not a problem. I look forward to speaking to you then.

1.3. Closing Objections

1.3.1. I'm not the decision maker/call my boss That’s completely fine. I’d be happy to include your boss on the invite in order to discuss this further. How does <DAY/ TIME> look for you?

1.3.2. Call me back in x amount of time. I understand this may not be a priority right now. A lot of people I’ve talked to have found that a brief call before it becomes a huge priority will give all of the information you need so when you do get to the evaluation process you’ll be well acquainted with us and have all of the information handy. How does <DAY/ TIME> work for you?

1.3.3. I'm not in front of my calendar Totally understandable. I’m going to go ahead and send a calendar invite for <DAY/ TIME> and if that time doesn’t work, we can coordinate from there to find a time that works best.

1.3.4. I have to show this to my team first Absolutely! You know, a lot of people I talk to find that bringing their team in to speak with my colleague gives them a great idea of what we do and answers any questions on the spot. How does <DAY/ TIME> work for you and your team?

1.3.5. Send me an email/more information I’d be happy to send you over this information. I’m going to attach the info to a calendar invite for <DAY / TIME> so we can review the information with you and answer any questions you have.

2. What are your current priorities in compliance?

3. Qualifying Objections

3.1. I never heard of you

3.1.1. I can understand and not everyone has. Here at GAN Integrity we provide an all-in-one compliance management solution. Some of our customers include <Reference Customer Names>. Can I ask...

3.2. We use <Competitor>

3.2.1. That's great to hear this is already an initiative for you. Our platform is very unique by bringing all key compliance functions together into a single platform and can integrate with other systems you may already have in place. What are your current priorities in compliance?

3.3. We're using a home-grown system

3.3.1. That's great to hear. Our goal is not to have you buy software and adapt to us, we'll mold to your function of the business and get you back to focussing on mission critical initiatives within your program. Can I ask...

4. Risk Assessment - GAN provides an easy to use tool to quickly identify, assess, and respond to risks.

5. SOURCING STRATEGY: This is a profile of the target company, and decision makers and influencers we are trying to reach.

5.1. Target Companies & Organizations

5.1.1. Target Business Size Top Priorities Manufacturing Oil & Gas Energy Mining Agriculture Retail Luxury Goods Secondary Targets Not Sure Pharma Non-Targets Banking* Financial Services* Higher Education Law Firms Government Health and Safety

5.1.2. Characteristics 1000+ Employees $500+ Mil Revenue Global Presence Complex Supply Chain

5.2. Decision Makers & Influencers

5.2.1. Chief Compliance Officer

5.2.2. VP/Director/Manager of Compliance

5.2.3. Compliance Project Manager

5.2.4. Risk Project Manager

5.2.5. General Council

5.2.6. Assistant General Council

5.2.7. Chief Legal Officers

5.2.8. "Anti-Corruption"

5.2.9. "Anti-Bribery"

5.2.10. FCPA

5.2.11. Legal and Compliance

5.3. Research LinkedIn/ profile for better insight to responsibilities/function

6. OPENING 'GAMBIT': This is the structure of the call opening, customized for each prospect - always structured, never scripted.

6.1. (1) INTRO: Name of BDR and name of company

6.1.1. "Hello <prospect>, this is <first name> from GAN Integrity."

6.2. (2) RELEVANCE: Information about the prospect we use to derive "Relevance"

6.2.1. "Reason for my call..  I was checking out your website and I noticed <RELEVANCE>.

6.2.2. "Reason for my call.. I was doing some research on companies in your industry and I noticed you manage the compliance program at <COMPANY>. - AK

6.2.3. Option 1 (when there is urgency in their delivery): Oh, I'm sorry I caught you at a bad time. How about 5 minutes this time tomorrow?

6.3. (3) TAG: Shorthand for what we do (pick one).

6.3.1. "Here at GAN Integrity we... offer an integrated compliance management solution

6.4. (4) LAUNCH QUESTION: Open-ended; Used to engage prospect in conversation (pick one)

6.4.1. "Can I ask..." what are you doing to manage your compliance program today? how much time do you spend on manual processes within your compliance program today?

7. NEEDS & DISCOVERY: These are the needs of a typical prospect. In 'Discovery', we are trying to identify which 'Need Profile' the prospect has.

7.1. Need Profiles: "I need ..."

7.1.1. Major Needs/Pain Points Use of different systems Lack of flexibility of current solution/software Service provider is difficult to deal with/not optimal Current system is not easy to use Lack of workflows and automation Lack of analytics and data insight

7.2. Discovery Questions

7.2.1. Three major categories People who struggle today and want a better solution . People who don't know they have a problem. People focused on the economics.

7.2.2. How many systems do you use today? Which ones?

7.2.3. How much time do you spend on manual processes?

7.2.4. How do all of you systems/software talk to each other today?

7.2.5. How do you customize your current solution to fit the needs of your business today?

7.2.6. To what level of visibility do you have into your compliance program today?

7.2.7. How often do you create compliance reports and how long does that take? Manual process?

7.2.8. How are you automating your reporting today?

7.2.9. What does the process look like to roll out compliance training to your employees? How do you know it's been completed effectively?

7.2.10. What does your process look like to screen 3rd party business partners? How are you assessing risk?

7.2.11. What area of the compliance function are you responsible for?

7.2.12. How are you documenting risks today? How are you managing all of your compliance data?

7.2.13. How do you provide a safe and secure way for your employees to report compliance violations?

7.3. Informs

7.3.1. Integrated Platform - We provide an all-in-one solution that manages policies, training, due diligence, risk assessment, gifts & entertainment,

7.3.2. Management - We provide access to pre-build compliance templates to help you consolidate manual tasks into a fluid automated workflow to save you time.

7.3.3. Risk Assessment - Our risk catalog allows you to quickly identify risks using predefined criteria and manage or respond those interactions all in one place.

7.3.4. Policy Manager - GAN enables you to create, publish and manage policies quickly and easily. You can then automatically assign policies to employees for signing across any of your business units.

7.3.5. Training Management - Our training management solution can centralize all of your trainings and learning content into a searchable library for your employees.

7.3.6. Training Management - GAN's training solution allows you to assign specific trainings to the right employees and is even offered in mobile format.

7.3.7. Due Diligence - GAN enables you to take a risk-based approach to due diligence from request, evaluation, approval, and monitoring of business partners. -AK

7.3.8. Due Diligence - You can create pre-set parameters to automate preliminary decisions of which third parties should be subject to due diligence.

7.3.9. Due Diligence - Our system includes a fully integrated internet, database and media background checks that are summarized into easy to read profiles to help you make more informed and quicker decisions on third parties.

7.3.10. Whistleblowing & Case Management - GAN allows your employees a safe whistleblowing channel and enables you to capture and manage those incidents in one central location.

7.3.11. Monitoring & Reporting - GAN allows you to bring all pieces of your compliance program with all of your data in one place to create compliance reports in a matter of minutes.

7.3.12. Perceived Competition Navex Convercent Red Flag Group Kroll Blue Umbrella Steel Archer Metric Stream SAI Global

8. OBJECTION HANDLING: These are the objections we expect to get, and are trained to handle effectively.  To handle an objection, we listen to it, then embrace it, then question it.

8.1. Generic, or "Blocking" Objections

8.1.1. I don't have time right now. Option 2 (when there is no real urgency or conviction): Oh, I'm sorry I caught you at a bad time. Would be ok if I asked you one question?

8.1.2. I'm not interested. No problem-this isn't for everyone. Can I just ask while I have you on the phone, is that because you're not involved in <TARGET ROLE/FUNCTION>, or because you're already using something that <FUNCTIONAL PART OF TAG>?

8.1.3. We already have a solution that we're happy with. That's great to hear. Can I ask what you're using to <FUNCTIONAL PART OF TAG>?

8.1.4. I'm not the right person. Oh, I'm sorry I may have the wrong person. You fit the profile of a lot of people we work with to <FUNCTIONAL PART OF TAG>. Can you tell me a little more about what you do?

8.1.5. We don't have budget. I can totally understand that. I'm actually not trying to sell you anything. We're contacting companies like yours to let them know about GAN Integrity, a <FUNCTIONAL PART OF TAG>. Can I ask...<LAUNCH QUESTION>?

8.1.6. Is this a sales call? No, actually I'm in business development here for GAN Integrity and I noticed that <RELEVANCE>.

8.1.7. Why don't you send me some information/email? Part 1: Of course. Our marketing departments supplies us with lots of information--white papers, case studies, etc. You know, most of my customers find that with a brief call, say 10 or 15 minutes, they get a pretty good idea of what we do. Can I set that up for you? Part 2: Sure, I can absolutely send you some information. I want to make sure I'm respectful of your time and send you the information that's most relevant to you. Do you mind if I ask one question? Part 3 (again, if Part 2 is not successful): Absolutely, can I just get your email address and I will send that right over. (After sending information, you wait 1 week, before beginning a calling cycle to reconnect).

8.1.8. provide an all-in-one corporate compliance platform that manages Risk Assessment, Third Party Due Diligence, Training, Policies, Gifts & Entertainment, and Hotline in one solution.