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Sky by Mind Map: Sky

1. Values

1.1. The value of something is how important, or useful one thing is to someone.

1.1.1. Most valuable to me. Financial stability Knowing yourself Pursuing an education Good relationship with family Taking risks Being liked by others

1.1.2. More valuable to me. Self-improvement Being organized Time to yourself Life long learning Making a lot of money Getting a good job

1.1.3. Somewhat valuable to me. Leadership and teamwork skills Helping others Reading Creative/ Artistic pursuits

1.1.4. Less valuable to me. Competing and winning Keeping up with the news Staying fit

1.1.5. Not valuable to me. Spiritual/ religious life Community involvement

2. Multiple Intelligences

2.1. Bodily-Kinesthetic

2.1.1. Underdeveloped Bodily-Kinesthetic is when people use their body to convey feelings and ideas.

2.2. Visual-Spatial

2.2.1. Moderately Developed A Visual-Spatial learner is when someone obtains information through pictures.

2.3. Verbal-Linguistic

2.3.1. Moderately Developed A Verbal-Linguistic learning is someone that obtains information and expresses themselves better by writing and speaking.

2.4. Logical-Mathematical

2.4.1. Underdeveloped Someone who has Logical-Mathematical intelligence are best at identifying relationships, problem solving, and scientific investigations.

2.5. Musical

2.5.1. Moderately Developed Having musical intelligence is being a sensitive listener that is able to recognize and reflect on music.

2.6. Interpersonal

2.6.1. Moderately Developed Interpersonal intelligence is when someone that is skilled at managing relationships and conflict with another person.

2.7. Intrapersonal

2.7.1. Moderately Developed Being Intrapersonal is someone that is aware of their emotions, motivations, and goals that may happen in the future.

2.8. Naturalistic

2.8.1. Moderately Developed Having naturalistic intelligence means someone prefers to touch, feel, hold, and do hands on learning, mostly outside.

3. Personality Spectrum

3.1. Organizer 28/32

3.1.1. Being an organizer means to be a neat and well trusted person that is very coordinated.

3.2. Adventurer 21/32

3.2.1. To be an adventurer you are a person to take risks that like excitement.

3.3. Giver 27/32

3.3.1. Givers tend to give all or a lot of what they have and usually are not willing to take anything back.

3.4. Thinker 18/32

3.4.1. Thinkers will review and put there mind to something until they get an answer.

4. Environmental elements

4.1. Sound

4.1.1. It depends

4.2. Light

4.2.1. Moderate low light

4.3. Temperature

4.3.1. Moderate cool temperature

4.4. Seating

4.4.1. Moderate informal seating

5. Successful Intelligence

5.1. Practical Thinking: 40/50

5.1.1. Practical Thinking is keeping emotions and outside opinions from affecting a decision or answer. I believe I am a more practical thinker, I tend to say more blunt straight to the point answers that may not always please other people.

5.2. Analytical Thinking: 33/50

5.2.1. Analytical thinking is gathering an abundant amount of information to solve a problem, or make a decision.

5.3. Creative Thinking: 32/50

5.3.1. Creative thinking is brainstorming and going by what you believe in to make a decision and solving a problem.

6. Emotional Intelligence

6.1. Self-awareness: 5/10

6.1.1. Having self-awareness is knowing yourself, how people perceive you, and how you think of yourself.

6.2. Self-management: 8/10

6.2.1. Self-management is being mature enough to take responsibility for oneself and actions that they do.

6.3. Social-awareness: 7/10

6.3.1. Being socially-aware is knowing how you will react and act in a situation that may occur.

6.4. Relationship-management: 5/10

6.4.1. Relationship-management is engaging yourself into a situation in which you are to relying on someone and having a healthy relationship.

7. Psychological elements

7.1. Analytic / Global

7.1.1. It depends Analytic elements of a person is when they think things through to solve a problem and make a decision.

7.2. Reflective / Impulsive

7.2.1. Moderate Impulsive elements of a person is when they want to do something, they don't completely think everything through before making a decision.

8. Preferred Teaching Styles

8.1. Lecture, verbal focus

8.1.1. Instructor talking all class with little class interactions.

8.2. Conceptual presentation

8.2.1. Instructor discusses the big picture of things, focusing on certain concepts