Connecting math to our lives

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Connecting math to our lives by Mind Map: Connecting math to our lives

1. Implementation

1.1. Teaching sessions (Sin, Cos and Tan)

1.2. Exams

1.3. Student's start implementation

1.4. Creating measurment tool

1.4.1. Assess the tool results

1.5. Conclusions

1.6. Reports

2. Objectives

2.1. Relating students’ mathematical knowledge to the outside community ( Home, school, …etc)

2.2. Promote positive trends of the students toward mathematics

2.3. Promote the students' research skills

3. Preparation

3.1. Familiarize students with the project and its aims

3.2. Establish work teams

3.3. Define the task and the activities of each team

3.4. Help the students to

3.4.1. Identifying informations,skills, tools and procedures needed

3.4.2. Determine the benefit of the project

3.4.3. Develop a plan of implementation

3.4.4. Define the way to present the result

4. Features

4.1. Number of students:8

4.2. Duration:12weeks

4.3. Type of presentation: Booklet & multimedia CD

5. Presentation

5.1. Each team will provide the data and results according to the prepared plan

6. Assessment

6.1. Survay

6.2. Rubric