D365 Modules

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D365 Modules by Mind Map: D365 Modules

1. Returns

1.1. Workspaces

1.1.1. Asurion Returns Insights Return Overview Return Overview Expected returns Expected Returns Raw Data Salvage Return Return Accounting Return overview Return data GL Return Return Account GL

2. Repair Management

2.1. Workspaces

2.1.1. Asurion Repair Insights Repair Overview Turn Around Time KPIs Repair Table Data

3. Asurion Direct Procurement Analyst/Manager

3.1. Personalized custom workspaces

3.1.1. Direct Procurement Tiles All Open Purchase Orders Current month Open PO Last month Open PO Next month Open PO Two Months Out Open PO

4. Procurement and Sourcing

4.1. Workspaces

4.1.1. Asurion Procurement Insights Spend Details Spend Details Monthly NPS AEC Trends

5. Warehouse Management

5.1. Workspaces

5.1.1. Asurion Warehouse Management Insights Cycle Counts

6. AP

6.1. Workspaces

6.1.1. Asurion Accounts Payable Insights Vendor Invoices Invoices by Company Invoices by Creator

7. AR

7.1. Workspaces

7.1.1. Customer invoicing Lists asuD365_MarkupTrans (Charges transactions for customer invoice journals) asuD365_LedgerTrans (Ledger transactions) asuD365_Inventory Serial Numbers (Inventory serial numbers) asuD365_Item Master with External SKU (Released products) asuD365_Standard Cost and Price (Standard cost and sales price change log) asuD365_Cancelled EO or BKO (Sales order lines list) asuD365_Sales Orders with Invoice Accounts (Sales order lines list) asuD365_SKUS with Zero Amount (Sales order lines list) asuD365_Settled Vouchers (Settled vouchers list)

7.1.2. Customer payments Tiles asuD365_Payment Journals not posted (Payment journal) asuD365_over collected (Sales fee order list) asuD365_under collected (Sales fee order list) asuD365_Open (Sales fee order list) asuD365_collected (Sales fee order list) asuD365_Closed (Sales fee order list) Lists asuD365_Sales Order Activity (Sales fee order list) asuD365_Payment Collection Trans (Payment collection list)

7.1.3. Asurion AR Captive and Revenue Analysis AR Revenue Overview Trial Balance Claims Admin Agency Fees Revenue by Dimensions DBS Overview DBS Details DBS Trend CM vs PM Captive Revenue Analysis Client GL Cube Subscriber Revenue Detail Trend Walkdown Exchange Rates

7.1.4. Asurion fee order analysis Fee analytics Fee Analytics DED Analytics DED Details Dist analytics Dist Analytics Lead Schedule Lead Schedule Aging AR Account Recon

7.1.5. Asurion Sales Order Sell Off Sell Off Sell Off Detail

8. Sales and marketing

8.1. Workspaces

8.1.1. Asurion SCM Insights SCM Shipment SCM Backorder Analysis SCM Shipment Analysis SCM Cost Analysis Claim Forecast SCM Shipment Monthly Analysis Back Order History Back Order History Trend Onhand Onhand by Warehouse Onhand with Burnrate

8.1.2. Asurion SCM Productivity Salvage and Return Salvage and Returns Received and Inspected Inspection Inspection Goods In Goods In Fulfillment Fulfillment Return Inspection TAT Turnaround Time Open Inspection Aging Receive Inspection TAT Turnaround Time Aged Count

9. Credit and collections

9.1. Workspaces

9.1.1. Asurion Credit and Collections Insights CustomerAging Customers past due Aged balances

10. GL

10.1. Workspaces

10.1.1. Asurion Financial Insights

11. PowerBI.com

11.1. CAN SCM Productivity

11.2. MXO SCM Produtivity

11.3. SCM Quarterly Business Report

11.4. DBSARCaptivePowerBIService2.0