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Estate (EST) by Mind Map: Estate (EST)
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Estate (EST)


2009 Payout: $172,455

GRAT to Family Trust in 2010

Fred Trust

Loan to Claudia $250k

Annual gifting to children

Cash or stock

Annual gifting to grandchildren

Trustee: Fred

Sucessor Trustees: Emma then Peter and Claudia as co-trustees

Emma Trust

Trustee: Emma

Successor Trustees: Fred then Peter and Claudia as co-trustees


Upon 2nd death divide equally between Peter and Claudia


Emma's Top 10

Remaining Unified Credit is $540,000

IRA Beneficiaries

Fred IRA

Primary: Emma Contingent: Fred Trust

Emma IRA

Primary: Fred Contingent: Emma Trust

Grandchildren Gift Trusts

Annual Gifting of $13,000 Disney stock

Managed Account

Disney Holding Account

Hutchinson Family Company, LLC

Loan to Peter $250k

Loan to Elizabeth $250k

Loan to Diana $250k

Margin loan TD Ameritrade $576,549

Hutchinson Family Trust

Insurance Policies

AIG DB: $2,000,000 Annual Premium: $42,250 Policy Date: 2/15/2006

Guardian DB: $1,500,000 Annual Premium: $22,458 Policy Date: 6/20/1987

Banner Life DB: $1,500,000 Annual Premium: $24,548 Policy Date: 12/28/1983

Chase Checking acct

Income, ACH $4,500 from TD Ameritrade, ACH $4,500 from Coyle

Expenses, $216,000 ?

Summer Cottage

$2,151,000 Loan 6.825% fixed

Distribution to Children

Stock and Cash ?

Cash ?

Stock ?

Review Rental Agreements