Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking by Mind Map: Human Trafficking

1. Victims

1.1. Children under 18 using social media platforms

2. Way of interacting

2.1. A young person might receive a friend notification from an unknown person but still accept the request. They increase exchanges, agree to meet and after continued social media interaction they meet again.

3. Authorities

3.1. Chinese authorities

3.1.1. rescued 382 babies and arrested more than 1000 people suspected of buying and selling young children online.

3.2. Law enforcement

3.2.1. uncovered an online black market that connected buyers and sellers over four websites

3.2.2. NGO's

3.2.3. Industry Partners

4. Organizations/Campaign

4.1. World Tourism Organisation

4.2. UNODC


4.3.1. to promote a global campaign, ‘Your Actions Count — Be a Responsible Traveller’.

4.4. RedLight Traffic in the US

4.4.1. developed an anti-trafficking mobile phone application

5. Human Traffickers

5.1. To recruit

5.2. harbour

5.3. transport

5.4. provide higher numbers of victims for commercial sexual activity or forced labour.

6. Trafficking Networks

6.1. illegal adoption

6.2. commercial sexual exploitation

6.3. drug trafficking

6.4. child labour

7. Ways toPrevent

7.1. victim-identification databases

7.2. data mining/analytics to improve forensic processes

7.3. prosecution