Children's Aid Society

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Children's Aid Society by Mind Map: Children's Aid Society

1. Access to Services and Programs

1.1. Many programs are available to anyone who falls into the appropriate category on a drop-in basis

1.2. Most services are available in bi-lingual settings to support all in need

1.3. Services can be recommended by a third part

2. Equity, Inclusion and Awareness of Cultural Diversity

2.1. Services offered by the Nipissing Parry Sound CAS are offered in multiple language to ensure they can reach those who need their assistance

2.2. Volunteers for this agency come from all walks of life, any help is appreciated so long as the individual is deemed "fit"

2.3. CAS acknowledges that each child in foster care or adoption is unique

2.3.1. Children from all cultural, religious and economic groups

2.3.2. Medically fragile

2.3.3. Special physical, developmental, emotional or mental needs

2.4. CAS states that:

2.4.1. "Our Foster parents are diverse in race, culture, language, marital status and economic circumstances"

2.4.2. "Our Foster Parents may be same sex couples or people from the LGBTQ community"

2.4.3. "The values, lifestyle, education, religion, cultural heritage and other characteristics, which are important to the birth parents, are considered carefully when choosing the child’s adoptive parents"

3. Vision, Mission, and Goals

3.1. Families and communities keeping children and youth safe, nurtured, and strong

3.2. To protect young children and youth and to promote and advocate for the welfare of children, youth and families in our communities

3.3. Respect, integrity, engagement, accountability, courage

4. Services for students and families

4.1. Community Support team

4.1.1. Provides intervention to high risk youth in conflict with the law and their families

4.1.2. Use cognitive behaviour therapy and relapse prevention programs that focus on individual needs of the children

4.2. Mother-care

4.2.1. Supports pregnant women and new mothers with nutrition counseling

4.2.2. Provide mothers with food vouchers

4.2.3. opportunity to build a support group of other mothers

4.3. Infant and Child Development Services

4.3.1. Supports children 0-6 years of age who show or at at risk for developmental delays

4.3.2. Family centred and bring together parents and professionals

4.3.3. Support the physical, social, emotional, behavioural, communicational, and intellectual development

4.3.4. May include: Developmental assessments and written reports Home visits to encourage progress, develop new activities, and support parents Support the transition to pre-school or day-care

4.4. Community Action Program for Children

4.4.1. For young women 13-22 who are pregnant or have a child under 6 years of age

4.4.2. Helps these individuals identify needs and offer appropriate supports

4.5. Fathers Matter

4.5.1. A 7 week program that promotes positive father-child relationships

4.5.2. Help fathers recognize their significant role in the healthy development of a child