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1. Alleged lost civs and cities never found

1.1. Atlantis

1.1.1. Past Gibraltar but which direction

1.1.2. Flooding in a single day sunk the city or the land itself fell into the sea seeming like the sea rose around it

1.1.3. One direct source, Plato, who cites Egyptian records which haven’t been found, anyone ever looked?

1.1.4. Said to be have advanced and utopian

1.2. Tartaria

1.2.1. Giants?

1.2.2. Mudflood Partially buried buildings Why were the catacombs made, where are the old graves

1.2.3. Grand architecture

1.2.4. Orphan trains

1.3. Mu or Lemuria

1.4. Sodom and Gamora

2. Magnetic Fields

2.1. Electronics

2.1.1. Precious metals

2.1.2. Crystal diodes?

2.2. New Topic

3. Star Wars

3.1. C3P0s Leg - Always had a silver one?

3.2. "Luke I am your father" now "No Luke, I am your Father" - Original Star Wars Trilogy, James Earl Jones

4. Land O Lakes Butter missing the background

5. Ford Logo - Squiggle on F

6. Moonraker - No braces on the chick who smiles at metal mouth

7. Interdimensional Beings

7.1. Djin

7.2. ETs

7.3. Ghosts

7.4. Demons

7.4.1. Sigil Magick/Summoning

7.4.2. Ennokian language

7.5. Angels


8.1. Worship

8.1.1. Sacrfice Blood Foundation Sacrfice To appease an appeitie To ensure a natural cycle continues Fire "Burnt Offerings" "Feeding" the deity by giving preferred food to perhaps a temple or idol, or sacred place Eating/Bread A worshiper eating the blessed food, because the deity was the sacrifice Smoke Incense Holy plants imbibed Water Holy Water Plant Animal First Born To cleanse and welcome a new year For a divinatory purpose For luck or fortune Time/Services done "Temple Prostitution" Monks Nuns and Priests* vows * = priests can gain significant standing and power on the earthly plane in exchange for the vows promised

8.1.2. Holy Woods can be, protected groves from blades or a single tree taken back to village for decorative festivities

8.1.3. Prayer and devotion Sound Music Chanting Thoughts Intention meditation Group Prayer/mass spell Individual Spirituality Ritual Baptism Through written word Blessings Sound/Words Written Monuments "Superstitious"

8.2. Symbology

8.2.1. Name Spoken Written A symbol/pict

8.2.2. Artistic representation (if non offensive to the deity to be shown) Jewelry and decorative seals Painting Monuments/Idols/Statues

8.3. Mythology

8.3.1. Bibles and Codexs Laws to live by granted by dieties Grand histories perhaps fantastical at times Who is the god(s)(ess) explained

8.3.2. Epic tales Written Passed Orally The Vedics

8.3.3. Artistically Songs and Musical expression (Dance) Cave Art Paintings/frescos Mosaics Statues & Figures Monuments Jewelry and decorative seals Geographs Large scale lines Earthmounds

8.3.4. Wide spread tales Flood myth Creation story

9. Mandela Effects

9.1. Logos

9.1.1. Non-Uniform Logo/ Variants Spotted McDonalds black flags Chase Logo, white and changing to black?

9.1.2. Changed now Depends Adult dipars is now Depend Volvo Arrow Coke Zero - Always been Coke Cola Zero Gap in the Volkswagon between V & W Raisin Bran - Now the dude has Sunglasses Kit Kat, no Dash, not kit-Kat anymore Monopoly man has no monocle Fruit/Froot Loops? This flip flops now Looney Toons/Tunes Oxyclean/oxiclean Cup noodles/ Cup o noodles

9.2. Movies

9.2.1. "If you build it they will come" is now "If you build it he will come" - Field of Dreams (James Earl Jones in cast)

9.2.2. Life is like a box a chocolate vs Life was like a box of chocolates - Forrest Gump (Sally Field(s) said this line in the hospital to Tom Hanks

9.2.3. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane - She no longer pushes her down the stairs.

9.2.4. Matrix - "What if I told you everything you knew was a lie" ISN'T IN THE MOVIE ANYMORE SOMEHOW I DON'T EVEN WTF WTF

9.2.5. No Sinbad Shazam movie...

9.2.6. Sally Fields surname is now Field

9.2.7. Tom Cruise - Risky Business, used to have sunglasses, and a variety of shirt colors are remembered ( pink or white)

9.2.8. Wizard of Oz "Fly my pretties, fly" is now "Fly, fly, fly"

9.2.9. Maleficent doesn't say "Mirror mirror"

9.3. Biblical

9.3.1. The Lion shall lay with the lamb is now the wolf shall lay with the lamb .. There are paintings depicting this

9.3.2. Lords prayer now has debtors in place of the word trespasses

9.4. History & Fine Arts

9.4.1. American Gothic, they are looking at a different angle than most rememebr

9.4.2. Some say Mona Lisa's smile is less enigmatic and more a smile now

9.4.3. Henry the 8th, no turkey leg in the painting

9.4.4. The Thinker has changed his pose, hand on forehead and not jaw

9.4.5. Creation of Adam, God and Adam are more level, the Lord used to be higher...

9.5. Music

9.5.1. We are the Champions - ending is missing

9.6. Misc.

9.6.1. Berenstain/Berenstein Bears

9.6.2. Was Smokey THE Bear, not Smokey Bear (sounds like Yogi Bear) as it is now

9.6.3. Daniel Steele is now Danielle Steel

9.6.4. Mike Tyson never spit the ear piece at the floor mat in a bloody spectacle we all remember

9.6.5. Sally Field(s) @the awards no longers says "you like me, you really like me" it is now "you like me, right now, you like me" * Sally has a brother who works at CERN

9.6.6. Judy Judys missing gavel!!!!

10. Civiilization

10.1. Science

10.1.1. Physics CERN Quantam Connections Frequincies Resonanace

10.1.2. Invention Agricutlure Shelter/Building Clothing Medicine Technology Electricity

10.1.3. Biology

10.2. Math

10.2.1. Vortex Math

10.3. Language

10.4. Hierarchy

10.4.1. Faith systems

10.4.2. Kingship

10.5. Art

11. Places with ancient stuff (possibly paradigm shifting) that’s are politically or somehow otherwise unstable

11.1. Afghanistan

11.2. Tibet

11.3. Cuba

11.4. South America in general

11.5. Lebanon

12. How does sound, frequencies, vibration, light, fungi, meadows and scared groves connect