Digitally Extended Perception

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Digitally Extended Perception by Mind Map: Digitally Extended Perception

1. Contexts

1.1. Games

1.1.1. inputs whole body gestural granular

1.1.2. effort analysis force of weight spatial fiction time and timing ludic flow

1.1.3. representation literal interface (simulation) metaphorical interface abstract interface

1.1.4. agency and skill mirroring (neurons) adaptation of prior knowledge imitation

1.2. Social Apps

1.2.1. self creation self in 3rd person disembodied profile social contour (sharing) prosthetic self

1.2.2. asynchronous other texting, chat, video attunement metaphor of touch

1.2.3. network shape connection dissonance

1.3. General HCI

1.3.1. active inputs

1.3.2. passive inputs

2. Theoretical Background

2.1. phenomenology

2.1.1. action in perception

2.2. the body and technology

2.2.1. permeable boundaries

2.2.2. discipline

2.2.3. code

2.3. ecological psychology

2.3.1. attuning to the environment

2.3.2. affordances/constraints

2.4. movement analysis and design

3. Research Questions

3.1. significance

3.2. my qualifications

3.3. relevance of committee

3.4. lit review