Virtual Reality Technology

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Virtual Reality Technology by Mind Map: Virtual Reality Technology

1. the advantage of virtual reality for education

1.1. Immersive learning can attract students to learn languages better.

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1.2. Virtual reality can break the distance limit.

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1.3. Virtual reality skill training is more effective than traditional skill training.

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2. the disadvantage of virtual reality for education

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2.2. The use of virtual reality can also have an adverse effect on vision.

2.3. It can be a headache, sore eyes and difficulty concentrating on visual tasks.

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3. what is virtual reality technology

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4. what can we do though virtual reality

4.1. Are there have some safety issue we need to pay attention when we using virtual reality machine?

5. Are students interested in virtual reality?

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6. The background of virtual reality.

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6.2. How many people use virtual reality to teach

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