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ASSU by Mind Map: ASSU

1. Executive

1.1. Michael Cruz (President), Stewart Macgregor-Dennis (Vice-President), Emma Ogiemwanye (Chief of Staff)

1.1.1. SSD

1.1.2. Executive Cabinet Communities - CAB Aracely Mondragon Entrepreneurship Dan Thompson Jon Manzi Food Janani Balasubramanian Global Engagement Shadi Bushra Health & Wellness Stephanie Liou Leadership Development Maya Humes Project Management and Implementation Charlie Janac Ed Negiar Public Service Landon Medlock Social Entrepreneurship Vineet Singal Student Groups and Events Stephen Trusheim Student Life Lauren Felice Sustainability Sarthak Misra Technology Michael Fischer

1.1.3. Community Action Board Aracely Mondragon API Athlete Black/African American Christian Corporate Leadership Diversity Disability First Generation, Low Income Greek Interfaith/Religious Jewish Latino LGBTQ Muslim Native Women's Undefined

1.2. SSE

1.2.1. Neveen Mahmoud

1.3. Frosh Council

1.4. Class Presidents

1.5. Nominations Commission

1.5.1. University Committees

1.6. Dorm governments

1.7. Publications Board

1.8. Elections Commission

1.9. External Branches

1.9.1. Arts Initiative

1.9.2. Stanford Concert Network (SCN)

1.9.3. Flicks

1.9.4. News Readership

1.9.5. Speakers Bureau

1.9.6. GAIA

1.9.7. Business School Student Government

1.9.8. Law School Student Government

1.9.9. Medical School Student Government

2. Legislative

2.1. Graduate Student Council (GSC)

2.2. Undergraduate Senate

2.2.1. Chair: Rafael Vasquez

2.2.2. Dep Chair: Dan Ashton

2.2.3. Academics

2.2.4. Administration and Rules

2.2.5. Advocacy

2.2.6. Appropriations

2.2.7. Communications

2.2.8. Health, Wellness, Housing, and Dining

3. Judicial

3.1. Constituional Council

3.2. Solicitors General

3.3. ASSU Legal Council