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Online content by Mind Map: Online content

1. How is it going

1.1. What is copyright?

1.2. Who does copyright apply to?

1.3. How long does copyright last?

1.4. How does copyright effect you?

2. Thinking About CC

2.1. What is creative commons

2.2. How can you site using creative commons?

2.3. How can you apply a creative commons license to your content

3. UBD

3.1. EU

3.1.1. Copyright applies to any created content

3.1.2. You can license anything you create so others can reuse your content more easily.

3.2. EQ

3.2.1. How does copyright effect you?

3.2.2. What is the impact of a Creative Commons license on the material you create?

3.2.3. What is the difference between Creative Commons and Copyright.

3.3. Assessment

3.3.1. summative Cartoon Rubrick

3.3.2. formative short online quizzes

3.4. Knowledge

3.4.1. Anything you create has a copyright.

3.4.2. Copyright lasts for x years in the US

3.4.3. be able to understand the differences between each CC license

3.4.4. You can not use any content without permission by the creator

3.4.5. you can use a CC license to specify how your copyrighted information can be used.

3.5. Skills

3.5.1. be able to attribute

4. Starting Points

4.1. CC FAQ's

4.2. Creative Commons Video

5. PBL

5.1. Tools To Consider

5.1.1. Toon Creator

5.1.2. Make Believe Comics

5.1.3. Extranormal

5.1.4. Live Scribe

5.1.5. Strip Generator

5.1.6. Bit Strips

5.2. lesson

5.2.1. break into groups

5.2.2. research based on brainstorm into shared Gdoc. Script in Gdoc

5.2.3. start research on copyright (all) create script based on the copyright research create comic based on script researchers start on creative commons

5.2.4. Whiteboard video evidence.