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Pricewise Dreamjob V1 by Mind Map: Pricewise Dreamjob V1
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Pricewise Dreamjob V1

We are Pricewise

FRESH and PROFESSIONAL consulting company operating in CR an SK.

Customer satisfaction +90%

Check our



Check who are our past clients!

We are looking for new PEOPLE


Analyst, Analyzing data in MS Excel, Preparing presentation in MS Powerpoint, Responsible for internal project, Learning pricing topics

PDF Description

PDF description


Quick learning curve in Pricing area (Top of the art know how)

Opportunity to work in parallel with your studies

Clear career path within our company

There will be fun

Salary with bonus scheme tied to your performance

Working in Prague

In order to APPLY

Be university student

Winn your position by answering questions in Hiring process

Hiring process

Solve tasks on this link

Upload results to internet and send link to

Thank you! Vaclav Lorenc - CEO Czech Republic