Effective Note Taking in Meetings

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Effective Note Taking in Meetings by Mind Map: Effective Note Taking in Meetings

1. Benefits of Note Taking in Meetings

1.1. Lets you focus your meetings on results

1.2. Helps participants comprehend key issues and ideas

1.2.1. Summing things up briefly also helps remember them longer!

1.3. Provides a useful record

1.3.1. Easily share with people who couldn't attend!

1.4. Makes people feel heard and fosters trust

2. Strategies for Taking Better Notes

2.1. Shorthand

2.1.1. Best if the speaker talks fast

2.1.2. Easy to learn

2.1.3. Saves time

2.1.4. Lets you stay focused during the meeting

2.2. List Key points

2.2.1. Easy to comprehend

2.2.2. Allows quick reviewing

2.3. Mind Maps

2.3.1. Visually appealing

2.3.2. Allows quick reviewing

2.3.3. Best for noting down detailed information concisely

2.4. Outline

2.4.1. Highlights key points in a logical manner

2.4.2. Reduces the reviewing time

2.4.3. Provides a proper and clean structure to your notes

2.5. Paper and pen

2.5.1. Easy to use

2.5.2. Less intrusive

2.5.3. Allows more eye contact with the speaker

3. Best Tools for Meeting Minutes

3.1. Microsoft OneNote

3.1.1. Price: Free; from $69/year for full Office 365

3.1.2. Best for: organizing thoughts, to-do lists, and projects

3.1.3. Supports: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web

3.2. MindMeister

3.2.1. Best for: taking visual notes

3.2.2. Price: Free; $4.99/mo Personal, $8.25/mo Pro, $12. 49/mo Business

3.2.3. Supports: web, iOS, Android

3.3. Zoho Notebook

3.3.1. Best for: visually organizing multiple note formats

3.3.2. Price: Free

3.3.3. Supports: iOS, Android, Mac

3.4. Google Keep

3.4.1. Best for: collecting images, drafting documents, and creating checklists

3.4.2. Price: Free

3.4.3. Supports: iOS, Android, Web

3.5. Apple Notes

3.5.1. Best for: quickly taking notes on Apple devices

3.5.2. Supports: iOS, Mac, Web

3.6. Simplenote

3.6.1. Best for: taking notes without distraction

3.6.2. Price: Free

3.6.3. Price: Free; extra iCloud storage from $0.99/month

3.6.4. Supports: iOS, Android, Mac, Web

3.7. Quip

3.7.1. Best for: combining notes with documents and spreadsheets

3.7.2. Price: Free; from $10/month

3.7.3. Supports: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web

3.8. Hackpad

3.8.1. Best for: collaborative brainstorming

3.8.2. Price: Free; $2/month per user

3.8.3. Supports: iOS, Web

3.9. Box Notes

3.9.1. Best for: simple notes in Box folders

3.9.2. Price: Free; included with Box account

3.9.3. Supports: iOS, Android, Web

3.10. Dropbox Paper

3.10.1. Best for: discussing projects inside Dropbox

3.10.2. Price: Free included with Dropbox account

3.10.3. Supports: Web

3.11. Bear

3.11.1. Best for: organizing notes, minimalist Markdown editor

3.11.2. Price: Free; $1.49/mo

3.11.3. Supports: iOS, Mac

3.12. Evernote

3.12.1. Best for: taking notes, clipping web pages and recording audio

3.12.2. Price: Free; from $25/yr Plus plan

3.12.3. Supports: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web