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Renewable Energy by Mind Map: Renewable Energy

1. Beneficts

1.1. It is a clean source of energy, it has low or zero carbon and greenhouse emission.

1.2. there is zero possibility that they will run out

1.3. with the ongoing rigorous campaigns to embrace renewable energy, thousands of stable jobs will be created.

1.4. there is low to zero maintenance required.

2. what is?

2.1. It is energy collected from renewable sources such as:

2.1.1. wind Power wind power

2.1.2. Biofuel biofuel

2.1.3. Hydropower hydropower

2.1.4. Solar Energy solar energy

3. Disadvantages

3.1. Renewable energy technologies totally depend on the weather, to be able to harness any energy.

3.2. Renewable energy technologies are still significantly new to the market

3.3. Setting up renewable energy generation facilities requires a huge financial outlay. Installation of wind turbine, solar panels, and hydroelectricity plants are relatively expensive.

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