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ASSU Executive by Mind Map: ASSU Executive

1. Michael Cruz (President), Stewart Macgregor-Dennis (Vice-President), Emma Ogiemwanye (Chief of Staff)

1.1. Student Services Division

1.1.1. Eileen Ung & Patrick Lee Airport Shuttle Arts & Entertainment Arts Grant Program Speakers Bureau Stanford Concert Network Education Student Initiated Courses Tutoring for Community Event Planning Old Union Reservations Table Loans Health & Wellness Wellness Room Sustainability Green Store Green Events Consulting Other Legal Counseling Office

1.2. Executive Cabinet

1.2.1. Design Thinking Nishant Jacobs

1.2.2. Entrepreneurship Dan Thompson & Jon Manzi E2.0

1.2.3. Food Janani Balasubramanian Food Cabinet

1.2.4. Global Engagement Shadi Bushra Philanthropy 2.0

1.2.5. Health & Wellness Stephanie Liou Director of Web Health Technology Director of Mobile Health Technology Director of Physical Health & Wellness Director of Mental & Emotional Health Director of Health Promotion

1.2.6. Leadership Development Maya Humes

1.2.7. Project Management and Implementation Charlie Janac Ed Negiar

1.2.8. Public Service Landon Medlock

1.2.9. Social Entrepreneurship Vineet Singal Social-E Capital

1.2.10. Student Groups and Events Stephen Trusheim ASSU Special Events

1.2.11. Student Life Lauren Felice Academics Campus Resources Dining and Living Stanford Spirit

1.2.12. Sustainability Sarthak Misra

1.2.13. Technology Michael Fischer Technology 2.0

1.2.14. Directors Creative Solutions Cameron Henry Art 2.0 Paul Farrell Student Government Outreach Coordinator Bryan McCann Director of Overseas Ambassadors Shola Oyedele Administrator Relations Coordinator Scott Bade White Plaza Event Coordinator Brandon Powell Director of Digital Citizenship Matt Ivester Press Media Officer Kabir Sawhney

1.2.15. Division of Internal Review Andrew Aguilar (Ex-officio member) Data and Financial Analysis Data Collection and Management Data Visualization Engineer Policy and Research Analysis Operations Associate

1.3. Community Action Board

1.3.1. Aracely Mondragon API Justin Lam Athlete Chiney Ogwumike Black/African American Farris Blount III Kala Stepter Christian Hannah Lewis Amy Harris Corporate Leadership Diversity Samrawit Tessema Disability Vivian Wong & Krystal Le First Generation, Low Income Sarah Quartey Greek AAFSA IFC ISC MGC Interfaith/Religious Sadaf Sobhani Jewish Jonathan York Latino Mario Vazquez LGBTQ Holly Fetter Muslim Hana Al-Henaid Native Maxine Fonua Marushka Hirshon Women's Devanshi Patel Undefined Ben Blankenmeister