Lorie Line

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Lorie Line by Mind Map: Lorie Line

1. Her Personal Life

1.1. Origins

1.1.1. Grew up in Reno, Nevada

1.2. Family

1.2.1. Husband,Tim Line Married for 24 years

1.2.2. Daughter in college

1.2.3. Son in high school

1.3. Education

1.3.1. First person in her family to obtain a college degree

1.3.2. One year at Florida College

1.3.3. Bachelors degree in Music from University of Nevada

1.4. Favorite Things

1.4.1. Her pianos Esmerelda Sven

1.4.2. Hot rollers

1.4.3. Classic pearl necklace

1.4.4. Customized wardrobe case

1.4.5. Link to her Favorite Things

2. Her Career As A Pianist

2.1. A pianist since she was five years old

2.1.1. Could play the piano just by ear at age 5

2.1.2. Perfect pitch

2.2. Began city-wide classical competitions at age 9

2.2.1. Won 7 competitions by age 15, all first-place

2.3. First full-time performance job was at Dayton's in Minneapolis in 1988

2.3.1. Played everything by ear which was and still is her "thing"

2.4. Record company

2.4.1. Owns and runs the largest woman-owned independent record company in the country

2.5. Helps raise money for charities

2.5.1. Children's Cancer Research Fund

2.5.2. The Jade Foundation

2.5.3. Children's Hospital in Minneapolis

2.6. Business partner

2.6.1. Her husband, Tim, for 21 years

2.7. Performance

2.7.1. Over 80 concerts a year nationally

2.7.2. Link to tour dates

3. My Personal Life

3.1. Growing Up

3.1.1. Started playing piano in 2nd grade

3.1.2. My aunt played a lot of Lorie Line, which was where I first heard it

3.2. Lorie Line

3.2.1. Always wanted to be "Lorie Line" when I grew up

3.2.2. Played one of her pieces at every piano recital

3.2.3. My piano teacher would call me "Vicki Line"

3.2.4. Went to her Holiday concert every year and still do

3.2.5. Inspiration to me and motivation to continue playing piano for the rest of my life

3.2.6. Got to finally meet and have a conversation with her when she performed at my hometown this past summer

3.3. My Career

3.3.1. Play piano for weddings Link to a song I play at weddings

3.3.2. Play piano for my hometown church

3.3.3. Played for the nursing home when my Grandpa was there

4. Her Music

4.1. Recorded and printed her songs in books

4.1.1. Arranged for adults and children

4.1.2. 26 complete books of music

4.2. Released 34 CDs

4.2.1. Sales exceeding 5 million copies

4.3. Recorded at her personal studio right next door to her home

4.3.1. Studio L

4.4. Pop Chamber Orchestra

4.4.1. Tours and plays with Lorie Line

4.5. America's favorite female pianist

4.6. The Fab Five

4.6.1. Link to the Fab Five